The 10 best YouTube channels for football training | fun in the backyard (2023)

Not all soccer players have easy access to professional coaching, but many still want to significantly improve their playing skills when they're off the pitch. YouTube soccer training channels can help with this.

Living in the information age has its advantages, and learning new skills at home with online professional training and tutorials is one of those advantages. What is the best YouTube soccer coach channel?

The best YouTube soccer training channel is Unisport. Players who need to improve specific areas of their game or learn a new technique will find a wealth of information and easy-to-understand instructions on all aspects of soccer from veteran players and famous professionals alike. There are also interviews, lifestyle tips, team recommendations and inspirational stories for soccer fans of all ages.


The 10 best soccer training channels on Youtube

The Top 10 Soccer Training YouTube Channels is an eclectic collection. Some of these channels are very reputable and others take a ridiculous approach.

Likewise, there are personal channels run by individuals and larger organizations, but they all have one thing in common: they teach how to play football better.

Whatever your style or goals, you'll find a channel for you here.

The 10 best soccer training channels on Youtube:

1 – Unisport (3.42 million subscribers)

(Video) 10-Year-Old Blaze World’s FASTEST Football Prodigy 🔥 | Next TYREEK HILL?!

Unisport is the best soccer training channel on YouTube. Here you can learn skills directly from professional players and find tons of in all footballrelated.

But there's so much more if you're looking for inspiration, team tips, or professional interviews.

You might get advice on which shoes to buy and how to keep them odor free, or some practice to improve a specific area of ​​your game.

If you like to train and want a channel for lovers of versatile football, this is ideal.

2 - F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel (13.9 million subscribers)

F2Freestylers is a fun, happy and adventurous soccer channel. Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch teach cheats, provide gameplay tutorials, and interview players.

They also prank each other and travel all over the world. Here you will hear from soccer stars and other celebrities and learn some unique techniques.

3 – AllAttack (2.25 million subscribers)

All Attack is a fantastic channel to improve your skills with new and exciting exercises.

This channel invests in teaching strategies and tactics for the field and also offers exercises to help you quickly improve in soccer.

All Attack is a serious channel focused on enjoying soccer while outthinking and outplaying your opponents.

(Video) 7-Year-Old Football PRODIGY | Blaze The Great Highlights

4 – 7 mlc (1.06 million subscribers)

7mlc is the passion project of football star and coach Michael Lweis Cunningham.

Players of all levels who want access to a highly-skilled professional trainer but can get one in their area or on a tight budget will benefit from 7mlc.

Michael offers game analysis, practice ideas, and drills for different skill levels so you can start where you're comfortable and build your game.

5 – Will John (825,000 subscribers)

Will John takes the game with you wherever you go. Want to run faster or find a full-body soccer workout that doesn't require gym equipment?

Will can show you how. It also offers workouts and a full workout plan playlist.

6 – Progressive Soccer (482,000 subscribers)

If your goal is to be the best and dedicate 100% of your energy to soccer, I recommend Progressive Soccer.

As the description says "Use the best online soccer training system to take control of your soccer future and improve faster."

This channel has no uplifting interviews or stories that detract from the pure focus of getting better at soccer.

(Video) "We Train 8 Hours A Day." 12 Yr Old Soccer Prodigy Chase Carrera Is The HARDEST WORKER In The Nation

7 – Become Elite (483,000 subscribers)

Matt Sheldon's Become Elite channel offers aspiring gamers a rare behind-the-scenes look into his life as an amateur, professional and semi-pro soccer player.

This channel is the perfect, relatable and accessible look at training, nutrition, exercise and other aspects of what it really means to be a professional soccer player.

Whether you want to work for a professional coach like Matt one day, or are just curious about how he does it all, this channel offers a more personal and welcoming look at soccer with plenty of helpful guides.

8 – SimplySoccer (400,000 subscribers)

From kids just starting their soccer journey to older players looking to improve their game to go pro, Simply Soccer has the information you need.

This channel is packed with drills and tips to help you play better, faster, smarter, and with more skill.

Even better, Simply Soccer is an incredibly active channel with new videos 3-7 times a week.

9 – Online Soccer Academy (284,000 subscribers)

The Online Soccer Academy aims to teach people soccer at home the same way they would learn it on the pitch.

If you're new, check them out.Soccer skills and exercises for beginners.. There is also an advanced playlist for advanced players.


You can also complete 30-minute workouts, watch live training videos, or get in the game with the Mental Soccer playlist.

Everything you would expect from a great trainer is here in an easy to use format.

10 – Joner Soccer (224,000 Subscribers) Training

Sydney-based Joner Football is one of the most well-known YouTube brand channels on this list.

Here you can focus on individual techniques or practice exercises designed for a small group when playing with friends or teammates.

Joner strives to provide constant challenges and help all players improve their game. You'll also find member-only content that you can unlock by logging in.

Useful tips on the best Youtube channels for soccer training

Now that you know where to find the best soccer training videos, I recommend you subscribe to all these channels.

You can learn everything you need to know at home, simply by watching and doing what the pros, coaches, and other top players are doing.

Here are more helpful tips on the best YouTube channels for soccer training.

  • If you are looking for more channels that can help you learn soccer, try searching for "soccer." Rest of the world.
  • Not all channels work for all players. While all the channels here have a lot to teach you, one or two may just not suit you. Please ignore them and use whatever channels you find useful.
  • Are you looking for advice on a specific aspect of soccer? Instead of searching for channels, type what you want to learn in the search bar and watch personalized videos that can teach you everything.
  • A channel doesn't have to be in the top ten to have the best video on a particular movement. Don't be afraid to discover more videos. While the production values ​​aren't as good as the elite channels, you'll still find amazing, specific, and unique help videos from other players and coaches.

final thoughts

If you can, you should join a great live team, but you still need to practice at home.

However, for those who can't find the right team, need to brush up on their skills, or don't have access to good coaches, using the top 10 soccer coach YouTube channels can be helpful.

(Video) 12-Year-Old Football SUPERSTAR | Bunchie Young AKA 'The Super Bowl Kid'

It doesn't matter if you're a high school student who wants to play a little better, a young adult who wants to go pro, or an older player who enjoys building skills and enjoys good soccer-related content. everything is here in the list.

No matter your skill level, position, or needs, you can find helpful videos on one of these 10 channels.


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