Premier League: West Ham deserve draw at Newcastle - Reaction (2023)

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  1. Good night

    That ended today.

    Can we see you tomorrow at Nottingham Forest vs Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City?

  2. Post-Update

    Manchester United 2-1 Kristallpalast

    Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag complained about the inconsistency of the video assistant referees and insisted Casemiro was not the only player to be sent off in the win against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford.

    United's Brazil midfielder will serve a three-game suspension after receiving a red card from referee André Marriner, who was sent to the monitor to review a second-half mix-up caused by a clash between United wingers Antony and midfielder Palace camper Jeffrey Schlupp was raised.

    United's players reacted as Schlupp pushed Antony towards the perimeter boards, a move Ten Hag said his player could have been "seriously injured".

    Read more here.

  3. Post-Update

    Brentford fans "can dream of Europe" after moving up to seventh place in the Premier League by beating Saints.Father Ben Mee.

  4. Post-Update

    Brentford 3-0 Southampton

    video content

    Southampton manager Nathan Jones said he had "disappointed" his players after the 3-0 defeat at Brentford and was "excited" they are in the Premier League.

    Santos is bottom of the table, three points behind safety.

    They have lost eight of their 13 games since Jones was appointed in November.

    "I want to be brutally honest, I let the players down."Jones told him ein BBC-Match des Tages.

    "I was hired to do certain things and I don't see my team there. I gave in a bit and tried to accommodate what we have.”

    "I really didn't put my own stamp on him and I really should have."

  5. Post-Update

    Brighton-Bournemouth 1:0

    Brighton manager Roberto de Zerbi described Kaoru Mitoma as a "terrific player" who "can never be replaced" after the Japan winger struck a late winner to give Brighton victory over Bournemouth in their second game in a row.

    "He didn't have a great game today but when you have Mitoma on the field you can never replace him because you always expect a goal," he said.

    Read more here.

  6. Post-Update

    Aston Villa-Leicester 2-4

    Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers said Tete was "the winger we've been looking for" after Leicester's signing boasted a superb win.

    The Brazilian, on loan from Shakhtar Donetsk, scored a lovely goal suggesting he could be the spark the Foxes need to avoid the relegation battle.

    Read more here.

  7. Post-Update

    Everton-Arsenal 1:0

    Read Shamoon Hafez's photo of Goodison Park as"Sean Dyche Leaves His Mark After Fan Protest".

    With that result, Arsenal missed a chance to extend their five-point lead over Manchester City at the top.

  8. Post-Update

    Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    West Ham have lost just one of their last four games against teams who started the day in the top three of the Premier League, beating current leaders Arsenal in December.

  9. “We could have scored the second goal”

    Tortas: Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Premier League: West Ham deserve draw at Newcastle - Reaction (1)

    West Ham United

    West Ham manager David Moyes speaking to BBC Match of the Day:"It's a big point for us. We played well today. I'm very happy for the players."

    "We could have given up. That place is right above you now. But we played well today and we deserve to get back into the game. There are a lot of advantages for us."

    "There was a period where we had two or three chances or moments where we could have scored the second goal but I was happy with the way we controlled the game at different times. Newcastle are playing very well at the moment, but not today." . ".

    "Thilo [Kehrer] felt his hamstring. We would have had more young players on the bench but they played at the Youth Cup last night."

  10. "We played brilliantly"

    Tortas: Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Premier League: West Ham deserve draw at Newcastle - Reaction (2)

    West Ham United

    West Ham manager David Moyes talks to Sky Sports:"We deserve credit for not playing very well. I think we played very well today.

    "[The opening goal] is really disappointing because we played really well in the first half. That first minute was longer than expected so it's all our fault. A goal 20-30 seconds later.

    “We reacted absolutely fantastic. We played very well in the first half. We passed the ball well, showed good control and created good chances.

    You are a big, big site. They can put the ball on you when they are not around you. Nayef got off to a brilliant start. It's part of your job to defend well and we defended well today.

    "It keeps us on track a bit. A draw at Newcastle isn't the worst result. We would have liked to win but we're dealing with a team that's in good shape at the moment."

    "I think our performance deserved something from the game. If we play like that [against Chelsea] next week, we have a chance."

    Where Lucas packs:"We're very happy because we got him to score some goals. I think he showed some composure when the ball hit the post. I hope he can still score some goals."

  11. Post-Update

    Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Newcastle conceded their first Premier League goal since November (against Southampton), ending a 572-minute run without a goal in the competition.

    It was also the first goal conceded in the first half of a league game since August (against Wolves); This was their 17th league game since then.

  12. "Today was frustrating"

    Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Premier League: West Ham deserve draw at Newcastle - Reaction (3)

    Newcastle United

    Callum Wilson, Atacante von Newcastle United:"Today was frustrating. In the second half we had more possession, it was frustrating to let them in."

    To your goal:“As a striker, you look forward to getting back on the scoreboard. Great passing game, there was only one thing on my mind.”

    About his performance:"We stopped doing the things that made us successful, losing 50/50 games, not pressing as efficiently. The second half was better but we couldn't bring them down."

    Whether their performance has slipped after the midweek League Cup:"For us as a team, we knew it was going to be tough today, we had to leave mentally positive. If there's a final coming up, it's up to us to get the crowd going again. We did that, but then it kind of let up ." out of."

  13. "We didn't keep up"

    Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Premier League: West Ham deserve draw at Newcastle - Reaction (4)

    Newcastle United

    About Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe:"It was a tight game, a very bright start, it was quite a strange opening. We didn't carry on like that in the first half, the second half was good but we couldn't bring them down."

    "I don't think we were bad in the first half but we didn't keep the pace. I think we didn't bring our authority into play, they scored a bad goal at a high level."

    “In the second half we wanted to restore the intensity. We did that most of the time, we had possession and chances, but we didn't take them."

    Whether Newcastle lost Bruno Guimaraes today:"He's definitely what makes the difference when it comes to passing. He has a creative talent that we may have lost today."

    About Anthony Gordon's debut:"What he did was very brilliant, I'm very happy. I was expecting a goal or an assist, but overall very good."

    In four draws from five Premier League games:"Teams, if they play us now it's a second look at us, the teams will make it difficult for us. West Ham wanted a close game, it was our duty to bring them down."

  14. Post-Update

    Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Lucas Paquetá has scored two league goals in four games this year, just one in 2022 (three for Lyon, none for West Ham).

  15. Post-Update

    Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    There was only one save from both goalkeepers all night, Lukasz Fabianski parrying a Callum Wilson header 10 minutes from time.

  16. "It's a big point"

    Tortas: Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Premier League: West Ham deserve draw at Newcastle - Reaction (5)

    West Ham United

    West Ham defender Nayef Aguerd on Sky Sports:“We knew before the game that Newcastle are very difficult to play at home. I'm very proud of the boys. That's a big point.”

    "When they scored the first goal we were very angry. We said at half-time that if we didn't win we could get a point. The reaction from the lads was fantastic."

    In his entry on Callum Wilson:"It's a bit risky, but I'm here to defend and help the team.

  17. "Today was a West Ham derby"

    Tortas: Newcastle 1-1 West Ham

    Premier League: West Ham deserve draw at Newcastle - Reaction (6)

    West Ham United

    West Ham captain Declan Rice for Sky Sports:"It's huge. As a group of lads we know how important these games are. We need to score in every game. Today was a West Ham derby.

    "We went in, took off our socks and had chances. You won't always dominate the ball but we slowed the game down as much as possible and that's a good point for us."

    "I think it was the best warm-up we've had all season. The goal was a high school thing, but we showed our personality. We could have made one or two, but a point was a fair result.

    "I think the momentum is picking up. The level is starting to pick up again. We have another big game [at home against Chelsea] next weekend. We want to keep the momentum going. If we keep moving in the right direction, we will create."

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