No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (2023)

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audrey edel

No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (1)

audrey edel

Audrey has been in the beauty publishing industry for over 8 years, interviewing celebrities, writing investigative articles and testing countless makeup, skincare and hair products. He previously held editorial positions at Vanity Fair, Allure, Byrdie and Refinery29. Today, she's a contributing writer that rounds up the best makeup, skin, and hair products. You can also find her freelance work at Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR, Bustle, POPSUGAR, WWD, Martha Stewart Living and Well+Good.

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Updated 6/13/22

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No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (2)

as someone withfirst MistaI usually stay away from thatfoundations. I've found that many formulas are too heavy and either clog my pores (hello, next day breakouts) or make it look like I just washed my face with oil. So nobody was happier than me when brands started making foundations that gave girls with combination skin the coverage we needed without contributing to our skin concerns. Today we are fortunate to have a plethora of options, from drugstore brands to prestigious department stores. But when it comes to finding the best option for you, where do you start?

To determine which ones are really worth the investment, I've created a handy checklist: A foundation for combination skin should be lightweight, matte, offer natural-looking coverage, and help reduce the appearance of existing blemishes (optional). , but ideal). ). After a lot of research (and testing!) I found the foundations that met these criteria.

Read on to learn more about the best foundations for combination skin.

overall better

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation


No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (3)

what we like

  • Gives shine to the skin

  • Provides smooth, even coverage.

  • It feels light on the skin.

what we don't like

  • The palette of tones can be expanded

Just because you have oily skin doesn't mean you don't want or can't have it.taufrischer Teint. This foundation is super light so it probably won't clog your pores. In fact, it helps minimize them while moisturizing, helping to even out skin tone and smooth fine lines.

Price at time of publication:$46

Roof:Luz |shadow range:12 |Conclude:Radiant |Size:1.4 fl. ounces |Byrdie clean:No |Not tested on animals:Sim

better without oil

Makellose Hourglass Liquid Powder Foundation

No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (4)

what we like

  • Natural leather-like finish.

  • velvety texture

  • dries quickly

what we don't like

  • Caro

This oil-free foundation almost makes it look like you never have a breakout. Formulated with Kashmir Kaolin Clay, it instantly transforms from liquid to powder, creating an all-day finish that naturally covers imperfections.

Price at time of publication:60 $

Roof:Complete |shadow range:22 |Conclude:Companion |Size:1 fl. ounces |Byrdie clean:No |Not tested on animals:Sim

Best with FPS

Base Liquid Armani Beauty Power Fabric Full Coverage mit FPS 25

No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (5)

what we like

  • FPS25

  • Large selection of colors

  • lasts all day

  • goes on without problems

what we don't like

  • Caro

I wanted to be a fan ofA popular base Luminous Silk from Armani, but it just didn't suit my oily skin. This matte version offers the same coverage as the luminous version without the added shine. It's so light it feels like a second skin, yet offers enough sheer coverage to hide any blemishes or scars.

Price at time of publication:69 $

Roof:Complete |shadow range:30 |Conclude:buddy of course |Size:1 fl. ounces |Byrdie clean:No |Not tested on animals:NO

Best for acne skin

Liquid foundation from Clinique Acne Solutions

No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (6)

what we like

  • it was here

  • lasts all day

  • Doesn't cause outbreaks

what we don't like

  • The palette of tones can be expanded

Whoever first invented makeup, which also helps treat acne by covering it up, named my firstborn after him. Not only does this foundation offer excellent coverage, but it also contains acne-fighting ingredients to minimize redness and prevent future breakouts.

Price at time of publication:35 $

Roof:Not |shadow range:11 |Conclude:Companion |Size:1 fl. ounces |Byrdie clean:No |Not tested on animals:NO

These are the 10 best foundations with SPF, and we've tested many

Bestes mattes Finish

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Base von Cobertura Total


No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (7)

what we like

  • It is pleasant on the skin.

  • Buildable and fits in perfectly

  • Natural leather-like finish.

what we don't like

  • Can accentuate textured or dry, flaky skin

Make Up For Ever Velvet Matte Foundation leaves my skin with photoshops

On lighter days, this foundation counteracts well, mattifying skin and controlling excess oiliness with its powdery finish. The coverage is buildable and you only need to wear a little to last.

Price at time of publication:40 $

Roof:Complete |shadow range:40 |Conclude:Companion |Size:1 fl. ounces |Byrdie clean:No |Not tested on animals:NO

No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (8)

What our testers say

"The product felt light on my skin, my dark spots were camouflaged due to its fantastic coverage and the matte finish was natural and didn't feel too powdery." —khra alexander, Product Testers

The 14 best foundations for oily skin in 2023

enlighten better

bareMinerals Foundation Remedy against blemishes

No joke: these are the best foundations for combination skin (9)

what we like

  • Helps treat and prevent breakouts

  • silky texture

  • clean byrdie

what we don't like

  • It doesn't moisturize enough for dry skin.

This isn't your grandma's powder foundation. It consists of poplar bark andTeebaumölto promote clearer, healthier skin. Provides medium to full coverage and helps reduce shine.

Price at time of publication:30 $

Roof:Medium to full |Conclude:Companion |Size:0.2 fl. ounces |Byrdie clean:Sim |Not tested on animals:Sim

What should you look for in a foundation for combination skin?

Anti-Acne Ingredients

Vonfirst MistaYou may be prone to breakouts, but those who do should consider a foundation formulated with ingredients that help fight breakouts and balance oily skin. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil, to name a few.

Formulas with kaolin

Kaolin, the same material that forms the base of many clay-based face masks, is also a great candidate for oil-based foundations.balance oily skin, thanks to its ability to bind sebum and remove excess oil, creating a powdery matte finish.


FPS usage is non-negotiable. (dermatologistsand the skin experts will help us with that.) Just look for a palette with sun protection. It can provide additional coverage beyond daily sun protection.

frequently asked Questions

  • Which foundation is good for combination skin?

    The four things to consider when buying foundation for combination skin are a lightweight texture, oil-controlling properties, natural-looking coverage that doesn't cake and, if you're particularly acne-prone, ingredients that are said to help. Reduce breakouts and blemishes.

  • Is liquid foundation good for combination skin?

    While liquid tends to be light in texture and therefore likely to benefit combination skin, there are also a variety of powder formulations that offer coverage and oil control abilities that can help keep hyperactive skin under control.

  • How to prepare combination skin before makeup?

    The key to dealing with combination skin is finding a skin care routine thatestablishes a balancebetween the oily and dry areas of your face. Typically, this means using products that remove excess oil without drying out the skin and help control oiliness throughout the day.

11 natural foundations for a perfect complexion


Which foundation is best for combination skin? ›

The Lakme 9to5 weightless mousse foundation is the best foundation for combination skin. It is a lightweight foundation that you can easily use every day. After applying this foundation to your face, you won't even feel it. It easily blends into the skin and provides a matte finish throughout the day.

Which foundation is best for combination acne-prone skin? ›

Best Foundations for Acne-Prone Skin
  • The Best Full Coverage Foundation for Acne: Lancôme Teint Idôle Ultra 24H Long Wear Matte Foundation.
  • The Best Longwear Foundation for Acne: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup.
  • The Best Velvet Matte Foundation for Acne: Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.
Nov 22, 2022

Is matte or dewy better for combination skin? ›

Many matte foundations are oil-free so they won't clog pores or cause them to appear larger. This makes them especially great for those with combination skin or acne-prone skin. Better at hiding imperfections. A matte finish doesn't reflect light so it's better at hiding breakouts, oversized pores and textured skin.

Which is the most natural looking foundation? ›

11 Best Natural Foundations Made With Organic Ingredients
  1. ILIA. Natural | Certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly packaging. ...
  2. 100% PURE. Natural | 100 percent natural, cruelty-free, no preservatives or artificial colors. ...
  3. Juice Beauty. ...
  4. WELL PEOPLE. ...
  5. Range Beauty. ...
  6. Alima Pure. ...
  7. Kosas. ...
  8. Au Naturale Cosmetics.
Jan 2, 2023

What should I use if I have combination skin? ›

For combination skin, opt for a non-comedogenic moisturizer that's hydrating without feeling sticky or greasy, like a water cream. This way, it won't feel heavy on the skin, but the formula will allow you to address both the dry and oily parts of your face.

How should I wear my makeup for combination skin? ›

  • Double-Cleanse Before Applying Makeup. ...
  • Apply Water-Based Moisturizer Before Makeup. ...
  • Use the Right Primer. ...
  • Consider Using Two Primers. ...
  • Find the Right Foundation. ...
  • Opt for Translucent Powder Over Pressed Powder. ...
  • Use Less Highlighter. ...
  • Opt for Long-wearing, Sweatproof Formulas.
Aug 22, 2022

Which cosmetic brand is best for combination skin? ›

Healthline's picks for best skin care products for combination skin
  • Laurel Skin Deep Clarity Oil Cleanser. ...
  • Glytone Mild Gel Cleanser. ...
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. ...
  • La Roche-Posay Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser. ...
  • Pixi Glow Tonic. ...
  • Fenty Skin Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum.

Which foundation does not cause acne? ›

Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation earned the top spot on our list due to its oil-free formula, natural finish and ability to cover up even the biggest breakouts.

Is matte foundation better for combination skin? ›

The best foundation for combination skin has to work hard to appease both dry and oily areas. If the finish is too matte, it can exaggerate dryness. But too dewy, it will only add more shine to the skin.

Can combination skin use dewy foundation? ›

Getting the dewy look can be difficult when you have combination to oily skin — but it's definitely not impossible. The key is adding the glow back into the skin and creating a solid base that won't break apart and become greasy after hours of wear.

Does matte foundation make you look older? ›

Sadly, also yes. Since our skin naturally becomes increasingly dry and dehydrated as we get older, a powder foundation only makes things worse. It settles into all of your fine lines, and the matte texture finish instantly ages you.

What foundation do most celebrities use? ›

If you've every admired a celebrity's makeup, you've probably wondered what foundation they use. Celebrity-loved foundations include options from notable brands like Giorgio Armani, Dior, and BareMinerals.

Which is the best foundation in the world? ›

  • Best Overall. NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation. ...
  • Best Value. L'Oréal Paris Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation. ...
  • Best Light Coverage. ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint With SPF 40. ...
  • Best Medium Coverage. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Matte Foundation. ...
  • Best Full Coverage. ...
  • Best Splurge.
Oct 20, 2022

What should combination skin avoid? ›

Avoid products with excessive fragrance or other irritants

Any product that includes harsh ingredients like fragrance or alcohol can irritate both dry and oily skin. Dry areas may become drier, while oily parts may produce more oil, potentially leading to breakouts.

Which moisturizer is best for combination skin? ›

Best Moisturisers for Combination Skin
  • Nivea Soft Aloe Hydration Cream. Buy Now - INR 299. ...
  • Ponds Super Light Gel. ...
  • Plum Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel (50 ml) ...
  • Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid. ...
  • Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Visibly Flawless Skin Moisturizer. ...
  • Simple Kind to Skin Light Moisturizer.

Which toner is best for combination skin? ›

15 Best Toners For Combination Skin
  1. Best Hydrating Formula: Thayers Facial Toner. ...
  2. Best For Minimizing Pores: Dickinson's Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner. ...
  3. Best For Sensitive Skin: Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. ...
  4. Best For Oxidative Damage Protection: Insta Natural Vitamin C Toner.
Feb 3, 2023

How do you make makeup last all day for combination skin? ›

How to Make your Makeup last All Day in 6 Easy Steps
  1. Prep your Skin with a Primer. Think of primer as a barrier between your skincare and makeup. ...
  2. Reach for a Longwearing Foundation. The name says it all. ...
  3. Press on a Powder. ...
  4. Set it and forget it. ...
  5. Ace your Eyeshadow base. ...
  6. Lock in your Lip Colour.

What does combination skin look like? ›

Combination skin tends to display certain characteristics - oily skin (large pores, shine, blackheads) on the forehead, jaw and nose, and characteristics of dry skin (flakiness, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles) on the cheeks, jawline and hairline.

Does combination skin need moisturizer? ›

“Combination skin is generally shiny around the t-zone but dehydrated elsewhere, so a light, water-based moisturizer is important to restore balance within the complexion,” says esthetician and skin expert, Melanie Grant.

Which facial kit is best for combination skin? ›

Best Facial Kit For Combination Skin Product Price List
Best Facial Kit For Combination Skin ProductPrice
3. Nature's Essence Whitening Pearl Facial Kit 60g + 15ml₹238
4. VLCC Salon Series Anti Tan Facial Kit (300 g)₹428
5. Nature's Essence Flawless Papaya Facial Kit (180 g + 100 ml)₹457
8 more rows

Is hyaluronic acid good for combination skin? ›

Hyaluronic Acid can quench even the driest of complexions and works equally well for people with oily and combination skin types. Unlike some skincare products, hyaluronic acid gets quickly absorbed into the skin, meaning you lose less product.

What ingredient in foundation causes breakouts? ›

What Are The Most Common Comedogenic Ingredients?
  • Beeswax. Beeswax is a popular ingredient in all kinds of skincare and makeup products, such as foundations and concealers, but it can clog the pores and cause breakouts. ...
  • Cocoa Butter. ...
  • Dimethicone. ...
  • Isopropyl Myristate. ...
  • Coconut Oil. ...
  • Red Pigment.

What is the safest foundation for your skin? ›

The Best Natural & Clean Foundations
  • Alima Pure – Satin Matte Foundation. ...
  • Jane Iredale – Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. ...
  • Monave – Mineral Powder. ...
  • Bare Minerals – Loose Powder Matte Foundation. ...
  • bellapierre – Mineral Foundation. ...
  • Laws of Nature - Loose Mineral Foundation. ...
  • Au Natural - Semi-Matte Powder Foundation.

How can I cover up my foundation without looking cakey with acne? ›

If you have spots or areas of acne that could use a little extra coverage, you can then apply a noncomedogenic concealer in a color similar to your skin tone. Blending concealer well is a key step to getting a flawless (not cakey) look. Creamier concealers tend to blend better than stick versions.

Is combination skin more oily or dry? ›

Combination skin includes areas that are dry as well as oily—with the T-zone commonly being oily, and the cheeks being either dry or normal.

Should foundation be lighter or darker than your skin? ›

The experts have spoken, and the answer is, foundation should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. This is because when you use bronzer or contour then the foundation should be able to blend and give the perfect look to your face.

Is powder foundation good for combo skin? ›

Your Skin Type Matters

If you have combination skin, you can opt for liquid or powder, or both—try using powder foundation in oily areas and a liquid formula in other areas around your face. Or, top off your liquid foundation with a dusting of powder foundation for a full-coverage, oil-free look.

What is the best foundation for a 60 year old woman? ›

Best full-coverage foundation for mature skin

For a daily foundation that gives skin a lightweight, natural finish, Egure recommends Estée Lauder's iconic Double Wear. The classic formula has an expansive shade range (56 and counting), is oil free, and dries down to a skinlike, matte finish.

What foundation does not sit in wrinkles? ›

  • Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Liquid Foundation Broad-Spectrum SPF 15. ...
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint Foundation. ...
  • IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ ...
  • Merit Beauty The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick. ...
  • Trish McEvoy Beauty Balm Instant Solutions SPF 35. ...
  • Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation.
Aug 8, 2022

What foundation do makeup artists use on mature skin? ›

Westman Atelier's Vital Skin Foundation Stick is ideally suited for mature skin. This 2022 Best of Beauty winner is loaded with skin-nourishing ingredients like squalane for moisture and phytosphingosine for soothing and calming the skin.

How do you make combination skin dewy? ›

How to Get Dewy Skin
  1. Exfoliate Regularly. ...
  2. Grab a Vitamin C Serum. ...
  3. Slather on SPF. ...
  4. Keep a Facial Mist on Hand. ...
  5. Use a Hydrating Primer. ...
  6. Mix Makeup and Skin Care. ...
  7. Use Cream and Liquid-Based Makeup Products. ...
  8. Extend the Dewy Love to Your Lips.
Apr 29, 2022

How can I be glowy but not oily? ›

13 Ways To Achieve The Dewy Look Naturally (Without Getting Oily!)
  1. Exfoliate at least one-to-two times a week.
  2. Apply a hydrating serum.
  3. Don't skip the moisturizer.
  4. Use a hydrating mask once a week. Use the right makeup+
  5. Lighten' up your foundation.
  6. Powder strategically.
  7. Opt for a cream blush.
  8. Highlight with care.
Dec 8, 2022

Should you mix foundation and lotion? ›

"If you need more pigmentation, do one third moisturizer and two thirds foundation." Mixing the two together has added benefits as well: "The moisturizer gives your foundation added slip so it blends better and hydrates the skin at the same time. And it will give the appearance of your makeup being one with your skin."

Should you wear less makeup as you get older? ›

Being gentle with your skin will cut back on prematurely aging your skin, but less makeup will have your skin looking younger. You'll have less bacteria on your face. Bacteria is all around us but you don't want it on your face. Every single time a makeup brush touches your face, you're adding bacteria to your skin.

What kind of makeup makes you look younger? ›

Look for non-matte products that do double, triple, even quadruple duty—say, by adding a dewy glow, intense moisture, sunscreen to ward off spots and wrinkles, retinol and even a filter-like finish. “Dewy foundations give you a more hydrated, youthful look than matte foundations,” says Duque.

Does wearing eyeliner age you? ›

So, coming to the main question, the answer is “no” wearing an eyeliner would not make you look old, but avoid these eyeliner mistakes (read the article here), do not draw uneven lines, and stick to soft colors. .

What foundation does Jennifer Lopez wear? ›

Lopez's longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes revealed to Allure he applies the Dior Forever Foundation on the star. It has buildable matte coverage with a touch of luminosity that's still lightweight on the skin.

What foundation does Kim Kardashian use? ›

Armani Beauty Luminous

Kardashian herself. The formula is buildable, creamy, and perfect for Kim's signature soft glam look. This is a medium coverage foundation that is going to give you a nice luminous glow to the skin, which is a must to achieve Kim Kardashian makeup.

What foundation did Meghan Markle use? ›

We hunted the talented professional on Instagram, and he mentioned that the Pat McGrath Skin Labs range was used on Prince Harry's wife. The only foundation the brand produces is the Sublime Perfection Foundation so we are pretty sure this was what was used to create Meghan's flawless skin.

Which foundation is best for natural look? ›

Cream Foundation: If you wish to have a flawless and hydrated look, you can go for a cream foundation. This type of foundation is great for dry skin types. The cream foundation is thicker in texture and offers great coverage.

Which cream is best instead of foundation? ›

A BB cream, also called a beauty balm or blemish balm, is designed to provide light to sheer coverage for your skin. Endowed with skincare benefits - SPF, antioxidants, hydrating properties - these creams correct your blemishes, and are ideal for a 'no-makeup makeup look'.

What is the easiest foundation to apply? ›

If you're a novice, try a powder foundation that's right for your skin type. "It's the easiest to apply, and it disappears into the skin more easily than liquid formulas," says New York City makeup artist Mally Roncal. Next easiest is a cream foundation in a compact (which is great for dry complexions).

What type of foundation is best for combination skin? ›

"Oil-free foundations always help, particularly if you find that wearing makeup clogs your pores and causes breakouts," says Tobi Henney, a makeup artist in New York City. "Mattifying foundations can also be great as they will give you more longevity throughout the day and avoid looking too shiny."

What do makeup artists use for foundation? ›

  • Fenty Beauty. Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110. ...
  • Chanel. Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation Hydration & Longwear. ...
  • Koh Gen Do. Maifanshi Moisture Foundation. ...
  • Glossier. Perfecting Skin Tint. ...
  • Charlotte Tilbury. Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation. ...
  • Tom Ford. Traceless Soft Matte Foundation. ...
  • Kosas Cosmetics. ...
  • Uoma Beauty.
Mar 18, 2021

How do you buy the best foundation? ›

How to Buy Foundation Online: 5 Tips From a Makeup Artist
  1. Figure out your skin tone. The first step in picking a foundation is understanding your skin tone. ...
  2. Determine the type of finished look you're going for. ...
  3. Find your brand. ...
  4. Pick your formula and coverage. ...
  5. Read the reviews.

Should older skin wear matte foundation? ›

While coverage level is a matter of personal preference, those with mature skin will want to blur texture and blend discoloration with a formula that doesn't settle into fine lines or dry patches—meaning it's best to avoid matte makeup, as it's more prone to creasing.

What combination skin should avoid? ›

Avoid products with excessive fragrance or other irritants

Any product that includes harsh ingredients like fragrance or alcohol can irritate both dry and oily skin. Dry areas may become drier, while oily parts may produce more oil, potentially leading to breakouts.

How do I choose my foundation color without testing? ›

If you're not sure, checking the color of your veins is a quick way to find out. Take a look at the veins in and around your face and neck. If you see blue veins, you have cool undertones. If your veins appear green on the skin (olive), you're warm.

How do you know if your foundation has wrong undertones? ›

If you've picked the wrong undertone:
  1. If you are COOL and pick a WARM or NEUTRAL foundation, it will look yellow on you.
  2. If you are WARM and pick a COOL foundation, it will make your skin look pale and icy. If you pick a NEUTRAL foundation, it will look grey.
Jun 7, 2019


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