International Schools in Singapore 2019 – Fees and Expenses Guide for the Best Schools for Expats (2023)

So you're moving to Singapore with the kids in tow. If you've decided to enroll your children in an international school rather than a local school, you may still feel overwhelmed with options. Despite the small size of Singapore, many international schools are crowded on the small island due to the high proportion of foreigners.

By now you've heard of the island nation's high standards of education, which have drawn Singaporean students to university#1 in multiple global education rankings. But have you heard any horror stories?overwhelming school stressjhigh workloadturn children into little robots. So which international school should you go to?


  1. The most recommended international schools in Singapore and where they are
  2. How much do international schools in Singapore charge?
  3. What additional fees do international schools in Singapore charge?

The most recommended international schools in Singapore and where they are

International schools come in all shapes and sizes in Singapore. Some schools have earned a reputation for nurturing Ivy League-ready entrepreneurs. Others are known as nurseries for party animals. And there are others that unfortunately are considered places where students enroll just to get a visa.

Below are some of the most popular and reputable international schools in Singapore. Of course, your home country will also influence your choice of school, as you may want to ensure your children receive a formal education in their native language or continue in the same system they had at home.

SchoolADDRESSphone number
American School Singapore40 Woodlands Calle 41 (S) 7385476363 3403
United World College of Southeast Asia1207 Dover Road (S) 1396546775 5344
Canadian International SchoolCampus Lakeside: 7 Jurong West St 41 (S) 649414

Tanjong Katong Campus: 371 Tanjong Katong Road (S) 437128

Lakeside-Campus: 6467 1732

Tanjong Katong Campus: 6345 1573

Australian International School1 Lorong Chuan (S) Download Free Mp36883 5155
Tanglin Trust School95 Portsdown Road (S) 1392996778 0771
non-external family school81 Pasir Ris Alturas (S) 5192926738 0211
University of Dulwich (Singapore)71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 (S) 6589666890 1000
Dover Court International School301 Dover Road (S) 1396446775 7664
GES7 Dairy Farm Lane (S) 6776216469 1131
International Nexus School201 Ulu Pandan Road, (S)5964686536 6566
Chatsworth International School37 Emerald Hill Rd (S) 2293136737 5955
Indiana Global International SchoolCampus von Queenstown: 1 Mei Chin Road (S) 149253

Campus de Balestier: 51 Jalan Rajah (S) 329154

Campus da Costa Leste: 82 Cheviot Hill (S) 459663

Campus Mountbatten: Bloco G Centro Mountbatten 231 Mountbatten Road (S) 397999

Campus Queenstown: 6914 7000

Campus Balestier: 6254 3258

Campus de la Costa ist: 6442 6670

Campus Mountbatten: 6509 8097

The Japanese School of SingaporeClementi street, 95 (S)6775 3366
ISS International School21 Preston Road (S) 1093556475 4188
One World International SchoolCampus de Nanyang: 21 Jurong West Street 81 (S) 6490756914 6700
GEMS World Academy (Singapur)Calle Yishun 2 42 (S) 7680396808 7321

Keep in mind that the most popular schools on the list often have very long waiting lists.

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How much do international schools in Singapore charge?

International schools in Singapore are among the most expensive in the world.

For comparison, we have compiled a list of some of the costs you should expect to pay when enrolling your child in an international school.

Schoolannual feesDoes the subscription include any extras?
American School Singapore$30,981 (preschool)
$39,164 to $44,141 (kindergarten through high school)
Includes re-registration, facility maintenance and registration
United World College of Southeast Asia$45,145 to $48,600 (K1 through Grade 12) for the first year

$35,570 to $43,025 (12th grade) for sophomore year and subsequent years

development rate
Canadian International School$16,500-$24,000 (half-day or full-day child care on the Lakeside campus) per year

$32,100 to $40,900 (full-time PK-12 on Lakeside campus) per year

Tanjong Katong campus fees are slightly cheaper

Australian International School$14,832 to $31,480 (kindergarten through preschool, 3-5 day sessions, half or full sessions)

$34,824 to $42,432 (12th year preparation)

All books, stationery, Parents Association members.

Lunch is included for Early Years students.

Field trips are included for junior and elementary students.

Tanglin Trust School$7,441 to $9,638 (Kindergarten through Grade 2)

$10,224 to $13,316 (years 3 to 13)

textbooks and exercise books.
non-external family school$16,000 to $41,000 (half day before K1 through Class 12)
University of Dulwich (Singapore)$16,400 (part-time kindergarten) to $45,500 (12th grade)
Dover Court International School$14,985 to $31,350 (half-day childcare through grade 13)
GES$12,250 to $26,230 (Infant to Kindergarten) to $27,450 to $34,010 (European Division Elementary to Intermediate)
International Nexus School$21,660 (half-day childcare) to $38,584 (Year 13)
Chatsworth International School$23,819.40 to $32,788.80 (kindergarten through age 13)
Indiana Global International School$12,394.88 (Child Care) to $17,470.96 (Child Care through Grade 10)
The Japanese School of Singapore$6,612 (primary) to $7,511.40 (secondary)
ISS International School$25,040 (K1) to $37,520 (12th grade)
One World International School$17,514 to $20,136 (Kindergarten through 10th grade)Fees include 2 sets of school uniforms, field trips, textbooks and technology/IT equipment
GEMS World Academy (Singapur)$11,600 to $38,750 (kindergarten through grade 12 part-time)

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What additional fees do these international schools charge?

In addition to annual tuition, there is a hefty application fee when your child applies and/or an application fee to confirm their place once accepted. Many schools also charge an annual facility or construction fee, sometimes called a capital or development fee.

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This is what each school charges on top of their annual tuition fee.

American School Singapore

Registration fee:2.500 $
Admission fee:$7,490 for U.S. passport or green card holders, $9,630 for students without a U.S. passport or green card
Re-registration fee:$2,500 per year
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:7.383 $
Additional fees:

  • Bus Transportation: $956 to $1,865 per Semester
  • Uniforms: $158 to $200
  • School Lunches: $5.50 to $8 per day
  • EAA courses: $55 to $100
  • Learn English: $6,420
  • Laptop (for high school): $1,500 to $2,200
  • Midterms (for high school): $85 to $4,400
  • AP exams: $220 per session
  • IASAS Trip (for high school): $125 to $900
  • CSA: $55 to $1,100 (per class/session)
  • Student Permit: $5,000

United World College of Southeast Asia

Registration fee:615 $
Admission fee:4.900 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:Included in the monthly fee
Additional fees:

  • Departure Tax: $36,700
  • Guest Amenity Fund: 300 $
  • Membership Fee: $30 per year
  • Outdoor educational trips: $6 to $1,000 per year
  • Exam Fees: $1,350 (G10), $1,400 (F12)
  • Uniform: $60 bis $280

Canadian International School

Registration fee:2.500 $
Admission fee:$3,500 for first child, $2,800 for second child, waived for third and subsequent children
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:N / D
Additional fees:

  • English and Learning Support Programs: $5,000 to $6,000 per year
  • Field work/excursions: $1 to $6,500
  • Hats and Caps: $18 each
  • Uniform PE: 15 bis 400 US-Dollar
  • Activities: $2 to $3,000
  • Stationery, bags, pouches, supplies and materials: $0.50 to $100
  • Locker padlocks: $15
  • Exam, quiz, and assessment fees: $1 to $2,000

Australian International School

Registration fee:500 $
Admission fee:2.860 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:$2,675 for freshmen, $6,420 for middle and high school students
Additional fees:

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  • Technology Fee: $535 for K-12 students, $300 for grades 6-12 with their own laptop, $963 for grades 6-12 with school-provided laptop
  • Fee for English as an additional language: $3,210
  • Intensive language course: $4,280
  • exam fees
  • Additional report card: $15 each

Tanglin Trust School

Registration fee:N / D
Admission fee:N / D
Capital guarantee:$3,500 (not applicable after third child)
Baufonds:1.541 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:$1,541, $3,500 capital tax payable for up to two students per family, exempt for third and subsequent students
Additional fees:

  • exam fees
  • Personal Mobile Technology Device (for grades 5-13)
  • excursions and activities

non-external family school

Registration fee:N / D
Admission fee:2.000 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:N / D
Additional fees:

  • school uniforms and sportswear
  • exams
  • excursions and excursions
  • CCA
  • Course/Educational Materials

University of Dulwich (Singapore)

Registration fee:4.500 $
Admission fee:3.500 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:3.750 $
Additional fees:

  • English as an additional language: $3,300 per year (grades 1-9)
  • Special Assistance for Children Requiring Small Class Tuition: $34,950 to $37,950 per year
  • Expert Assistance Intake Screening Fee: $535
  • exam fees
  • Camps and compulsory school trips
  • therapy or learning support services

Dover Court International School

Registration fee:1.000 $
Admission fee:2.800 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:1.500 $
Additional fees:

  • school uniforms
  • exam fees
  • Camps and compulsory school trips
  • School bus
  • school snack
  • ECAs and individual instrument lessons
  • Learning Assistance Fee: $120 per hour
  • Therapy Fees: $160 per hour

German European School Singapore (GESS)

Admission fee:2.945 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:4.890 $
Additional fees:

(Video) Here’s How Much It Costs To Send Your Child In An International School In Singapore

  • Course materials/excursions: $40 to $250
  • CCA pro Course: $260
  • Learning Support: $1,390 per semester
  • Extended Afternoon Program (German Section): $200 to $1,200 per year
  • English as an additional language: $1,390 per semester
  • Dutch as a mother tongue: $2,140 per year
  • Exam Fees for IB (Grade 12): $1,500
  • School trip, enrichment week, and field trip fees: $200-$1,600

International Nexus School

Registration fee:856 $
Admission fee:2.354 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:1.712 $
Additional fees:

  • Textbooks: up to $500 per level per year
  • House shirts: $20 each
  • Examination Fees (IGCSE): $150 to $2,500
  • Examination Fees (IB): $1,400 to $2,500
  • Managebac Account for CAS (IB Year 12): $50
  • Yearbook: $20
  • Excursions: up to $7,000 per trip
  • CCA: up to $700 per season
  • Student ID card processing fee: $30
  • Visa fee: $60 to $90
  • Intensive English Support Fee: $2,675 per semester
  • Additional English Assistance Fee: $561.75 per semester

Chatsworth International School

Registration fee:240 US-Dollar bis 250 US-Dollar
Admission fee:2.400 US-Dollar bis 2.500 US-Dollar
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:$2.247
Additional fees:

  • English as additional language fees if required
  • Learning Support Fees, if required
  • Mandatory Apple MacBook for all students in grades 7-13

Indiana Global International School

Registration fee:US$445.12 (Nursery) a US$3,715.04 (Grade 12)
Admission fee:N / D
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:$860.28 (kindergarten) to $6,957.12 (grade 10) per year
Additional fees:

  • Bus fare: $3,988.96 to $4,874.92 per year
  • Activity Fee: $1,733 (Kindergarten) to $3,017.40 (Grade 10) per year
  • Student Welfare Fee: $509.32 to $535 per year
  • School Event Fee: $483.64 to $513.60 per year
  • Resource fee: $860.28 to $1,523.68 per year
  • Tech fee: $1408.12 to $1335.36 per year

The Japanese School of Singapore

Registration fee:$1,070 (Japan Association corporate membership), $3,852 (non-JA corporate membership), $1,070 (JA personal membership)
Admission fee:N / D
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:Construction fee of $2675 per year, installation fee of $1669.20 per year
Additional fees:

  • Corporate donations are required when parents work for a Japanese company.
  • If parents do not work for a Japanese company, personal donation: USD 3,210 per family

ISS International School

Registration fee:$300 site test fee
Admission fee:3.600 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:Construction fee of $2675 per year, installation fee of $1669.20 per year
Additional fees:

(Video) Top 10 Best International Schools in London: Find Out How Much They Cost | United Kingdom

  • English as a Second Language Fee: $1,600 to $2,520 per semester
  • Learning Support Fee: $1,600 to $2,520 per semester
  • Parent Teacher Association Fee: $22 per year
  • Exam Fee: US$600 to US$2,000
  • Job Assessment Test: $160 to $400
  • Tours and Excursions: $10 to $1,500
  • School Bus: From $1,630 per year
  • Taxa ACE
  • Tech Fee: $100
  • School event ticket: $25
  • Annual $30
  • School Uniform - $15 to $40 each

One World International School

Registration fee:$ 1.030
Admission fee:none
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:N / D
Additional fees:

  • English as an additional language (support fee): $4,500 per academic year
  • ACE Fees
  • School bus fares
  • Fees for special class travel and residential camps

GEMS World Academy (Singapur)

Registration fee:1.575 $
Admission fee:4.200 $
Setup fee/construction fee/capital tax/development tax:N / D
Additional fees:

  • Experimental Learning Program: $400 to $3,000
  • IGCSE Exam Fees (Class 10): $100 per subject
  • IB Exam Fee (Grade 12): $204 registration fee, $140 per subject
  • school uniforms
  • School bus fares
  • Third-party ECAs: $30-$300 per class

Is your child attending an international school in Singapore? Share your experiences in the comments!


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