How can you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you? (2023)

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  • How do you know if a boy has feelings for you?
  • Do you fight with your feelings for me?
  • Signs he has feelings for me?

We all know how complicated love can be.very exciting and cheerful, but still complicated, GUT?

And when it comes to finding the right person for us, the heart can be quite fickle at times to help us get on the right path.

Sometimes the idea of ​​a relationship and lovefrighten some men and women; especially nowadays when the rules of romance aren't what they used to be.

Some guys and girls don't even want to be in a relationship for whatever reason.

But love comes without their asking; and then they fight the feelings that won't go away.

Sometimes when these feelings get too strong, in a moment of passion they reveal what they have been hiding for so long.

If you are a woman and are close friends with someone or work with someone, you may have seen a fewSigns that the guy might be in love with you.

We are going to give you 21 signs that a guy might be hiding his true feelings for you.

It's not easy to contain your feelings when you meet someone who turns your world upside down.

So how do you know if a guy is struggling with his feelings?


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  • Signs He Has Feelings For You: 21 Ways To Say It

    How can you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you? (2)

    1) Shows inconsistent behavior

    Some days he seems to be around you all the time, and other days he ignores you.

    Because he's fighting his feelings for you.

    His behavior can seem contradictory and you don't really know where you stand with him.

    2) He looks at you from afar

    He's trying to give you the impression that he's not interested in you, but you'll notice that he's looking at you from across the room.

    Try to ignore you and pretend you're not there.

    He will try to keep his distance from you, but when you are next to each other you will notice that his eyes are on you.

    3) He comes up to you when he needs to

    If you both need to interact in some way, he will try to get as close to you as possible.

    Even if he's trying to fight his feelings for you, you can tell he'll make the best of it if he gets the chance.

    He will look you in the eye, smell your perfume and hair, and even rub you if possible.

    4) Because he has feelings for you, he will try to make you jealous

    He will make positive comments about other women around you, but it will make you jealous.

    This is because he is frustrated and confused about his feelings for you.

    5) He needs to know everything about you

    Sometimes when you're talking to other people and he's around, he pretends to listen and enjoy your company; completely unaware of his presence.

    But in the meantime, he'll pay attention to everything you say.

    It will follow your social media pages and try to find out everything about you, what you've been up to and who you've been with.

    6) You and he can feel the intense chemistry between you.

    This chemistry is so beautifulundeniable!

    Fighting your natural attraction to someone isn't easy.

    It's a connection you just click on.

    Of course he will feel it too and will try to hide his feelings but he can't fight the intense chemical attraction between you guys, it's like a magnet pulling him back.

    And when you meet his gaze, he usually fixes his gaze on yours; You won't be able to tell the intensity of his feelings in his eyes when he looks at you.

    7) Your body language

    How can you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you? (4)

    His body language will tell you a lot about how he feels about you; this will happen even though he tries to hide his true feelings.

    He will make lots of eye contact with you and maybe even mirror some of your demeanor.

    If you're in his orbit, he may show signs of nervousness, such as: B. when he is fiddling with his pen or buttons.

    He might also touch your face a bit in his embarrassment.

    8) He wants you to see the best of him

    You may notice that you've started to change the way you look a little bit.

    You might even be able to smell in his presence that he's using that new aftershave that you love.

    It could have been a bit more modern, for example with an update.

    You will also talk about your strengths, your success at work and all the things you are proud of and what you have achieved.

    He doesn't boast; he just wants to impress you.

    9) He doesn't want you to get the wrong impression of him and certain things.

    For example, if he is talking about another woman in his life, he will tell you that she is not a friend.

    He doesn't want you to think he's unavailable.

    And if he has a girlfriend, he will try to let you know that she is just someone he is having an affair with.

    10) Will offer to help you with something

    He listens to you and gives you advice when you talk about something difficult or problematic.

    And if you need physical help with anything, he'll step in to be your knight in shining armor.

    He wants you to know that you can count on him to do whatever it takes for you.

    At first you might think he's just being nice and polite.

    After all, you are friends.

    But if you look a little furtherYou will find that he will do anything to help you.

    Remember, he's not your friend and it's not his job to take care of you, but he's keeping an eye on you.

    11) He admires you but doesn't say so

    The kind of person who hides their feelings for you probably has a huge but fragile ego.

    It's probably not easy for him to congratulate someone.

    But for you, even if he doesn't say it out loud, he probably secretly admires you and has great respect for the things you do in your life.makes him very attracted to you.

    12) When you speak, he looks at you, completely mesmerized and mesmerized by what you are saying.

    All your victories are his victories in his eyes, even if he doesn't tell you so.

    So he will listen to you and give you some careful and subtle compliments that show that he genuinely cares about you.

    13) He protects you

    He may crack a few jokes at your expense, but he will never be rude, mean, or awkward to you.

    But if someone made a joke at your expense, you would disagree and say something in your defense.

    14) He is jealous of you

    He is not your friend and has not made any effort to become one of you.

    But he is still jealous of the fact that you have an active love life.

    It makes it difficult for you to control your emotions in these circumstances; forkeep quiet about it and control your angerabout the other men in her life.

    Notice how awkward it feels when you are around other men and seem to be having fun.

    He will usually find a fatal flaw in her personality because nobody but him would be good enough for you!

    15) Your friends make fun of you

    Surely he will have told his closest friends about his crush, andThey might disturb you when you enter the room.

    If that happened, he would react to his friends in a certain way and that could show how he feels about you.

    If he blushed a little and felt embarrassed, that would be a sure sign.

    he can be onepoco reasonableabout such topics and yell at your friends and get angry or irritated with them.

    Or he could make it up to you by talking to you like you're just another guy, or mentioning other women he liked!

    but if he isfighting his feelings for you, he may not even have told his friends about you, but he kept his feelings to himself.

    Be your guilty pleasure

    How do you"Earn Your Love"an attractive challengeno man can resist

    How can you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you? (5)


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    16) He suddenly starts avoiding you

    If he's been fighting his feelings for you, he may suddenly start avoiding you.

    This is especially common when he's trying to hold back his feelings for you.

    You may have a girlfriend and want to try and avoid temptation and emotional conflicts that may arise –The best thing is to just get away from you.

    This can also happen when you are married.

    He's struggling with his feelings for you because he may feel insecure and afraid that his heart will be broken again; he keeps his life private.

    when it startedtrust yourself a little like someone you can trust, which is a very common sign that he's really getting close to you, and it can even give away how he's feeling at this stage.

    18) There are little telltale signs that he cares about you

    Even if you're just friends and he's hiding his true feelings from you, he may still feel a duty to protect you.

    This way you can be totally unaware of your behavior.

    While not helping you in a transparent way, he is watching and communicating with you to make sure you are safe.

    19) I may never start a date with you

    You don't have to wait for him to ask you out. In fact, it may never happen.

    And if so, would it be a valid excuse for the two of you being spotted together.

    He would never ask you to hang out with him for a day.

    In fact, he's probably scared of being alone with you since he's fully aware of the intensity of his feelings for you.

    20) But it is unlikely that he will refuse your invitation

    If you ask him out, he won't say no.

    He really wants to be with you and he won't resist, but the invitation will come from you because he's fighting his feelings for you.

    21) Despite his feelings for you, he will still have his cold spells

    This inconsistent behavior that we talked about at the beginning of the article can appear right there when you least expect it.

    Maybe he was on the verge of revealing his true feelings for you and fighting back.

    And then all of a sudden, he turns to you very coldly, like it's all over, and it might as well be.

    This type of man can suddenly turn cold and disappear from your life forever, and you may never see him again.

    If so, he may never see those feelings for you again, even if he still has them.

    IfACTIVATEstrong feelings ofattractionand worship in a man

    How can you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you? (6)


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why would a guy fight his feelings for me?

    Often a man is not ready for a new relationship because he has been hurt in the past, and that may have been him recently.

    You may not want to be vulnerable again; You probably think you can hurt yourself again.

    But sometimes the chemical attraction is so strong that he tries to fight what he's feeling to protect himself. Sometimes it's because other people will think it's wrong.

    How do you know when a guy is struggling with his feelings for you?

    He might get mad at you if you mention other guys like you who should have known he has feelings for you!

    In fact, he will not show you that he is in love with you because he is confused about his own feelings and tries to hide them from you.Check out more characters.

    What should you do when a guy is afraid of how he feels about you?

    You might suspect that the reason he's fighting his feelings for you is because he's afraid of rejection. But if you like it, there's a lot you can do to help it.

    You can start engaging with him and listening to him, making good eye contact with him and becoming his friend. As long as you don't go into the friend zone when you want something more.

    Let your body language show him that you're ready to start an honest relationship with him.


    Love can change everything.

    If you have a guy that you're falling for but he's hiding his feelings from you, it's also important to remember that men don't have the same feelings as women.

    They were programmed differently by first trusting their minds and rationalizing things.

    Women follow their heartsMen will put their feelings aside, especially if they have been hurt in the past.

    He would learn to hide and fight his feelings when he felt it was right for him.

    Maybe he already has a girlfriend.

    That could be one of the reasons why he wouldn't show that he has feelings for you.

    He fights his battle alone.

    We gave you 21 reasons why a guy would fight his feelings for you.

    You will know exactly where you are when you have a guy like this in your life.

    You may always be used to the guys around you playing games, fooling around, and keeping things casual.

    But now someone may have developed very deep feelings for you, and they find it extremely difficult to hide their feelings when they are your friend or in the same workplace or environment as you.

    If you like it enough, you can do something about it.

    You can go up to him and show him you're interested because he might have forgotten that...

    "He tries to hide his feelings but forgets that his eyes speak"

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