Glow with our pick of the best tinted moisturizers (2023)

Morphe glowstunner tinted moisturizing cream SPF30

  • To improve:Generally
  • Size:30ml
  • in shade:15
  • FPS?:30
  • skin type:no

This sheer, hydrating foundation is available in 15 shades, including UVA and UVB SPF30. The 30ml tube has a pump nozzle that we use to apply the product to the hand before applying it to the face. The oil-free formula still retains its moisturizing properties, including hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Here, too, lactic acid has a skin-whitening effect, which we definitely noticed when applying it.

The lightweight foundation lets your skin's natural texture shine through and offers seamless blending without settling into pores. Neither too matte nor too dewy, this formula sits right in the middle, striking the perfect balance between the two. The skin-smoothing veil stayed in place without smudging and instead faded smoothly at the end of the day. We also think the price of €18 is reasonable.

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Huda Beauty Glowing Multi Dew Hauttönung

  • To improve:For a wet finish
  • Size:40ml
  • in shade:13
  • FPS?:none
  • Skin types:no

This 40ml tube is available in 13 shades and the pump applicator ensures a clean distribution of the product. Fragrance-free rose oil blend delivers a radiant finish with skin-smoothing coverage. Pearlescent reflective pigments provide a slightly iridescent finish, adding a beautiful glow to skin that we just can't get enough of. The deeply hydrating formula glides on to leave skin feeling dewy.

While the formula is certainly buildable, we found it to provide ample coverage with just one layer, and we love the healthy-looking, glossy finish it provides. A true multitasker, the skincare makeup hybrid works equally well mixed with foundation and applied sparingly as a highlighter.

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Die Ordinary Serum Foundation

  • To improve:buy cheap
  • Size:30ml
  • in shade:37
  • FPS?:15
  • skin type:no
(Video) The BEST Tinted Moisturizers for Dry, Mature Skin | Drugstore Gets Great Reviews! | Dominique Sachse

Yes, it's marketed as a foundation, but it has all the lightweight properties of a tinted moisturizer. The SPF15 serum glides on like skincare, with moisture to work with while blending. There are 36 shades and each one is divided into four skin tone categories. The bottle has a pump spout, which makes handling very easy. After drying, we saw a semi-matte finish and a translucent effect that smoothes the skin. We found it so light and comfortable against the skin that we forgot we were wearing it. There were no blemishes after a long day and we also liked being able to see our freckles and skin texture.

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Erborian Super BB-Cream

  • To improve:For a matte effect
  • Size:40ml
  • in shade:5
  • FPS:20
  • skin type:no

This recently launched BB cream offers the natural look of a tinted moisturizer with added SPF 20. Ingredients include skin-balancing niacinamide and moisturizing ginseng. There are five shades available and the tube features beautifully illustrated branding and a screw cap.

The formula envelops the skin with its silky smooth texture and creates a smoothing foundation all over the skin. Our tester found that a small amount of product provides enough medium coverage to even out blemishes, and the matte finish isn't drying. Plus, this is a non-comedogenic option, meaning it won't clog your pores if you're worried about breakouts.

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Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Makelloser Filter

  • To improve:To whiten the skin
  • Size:30ml
  • in shade:11
  • FPS?:none
  • skin type:no

A cult favorite on TikTok, Charlotte Tilbury's Flawless Filter is best described as a brightly colored foundation/moisturizer hybrid. Available in 12 shades, it offers a soft luminous effect that smoothes the complexion. Its shimmery consistency adds a noticeable dew and leaves skin soft and smooth. We found the formula buildable and versatile and enjoyed using it on bare skin as well as blended into our foundation.

We also like to add it to refresh the skin when our makeup looks flat after hours of wear. If you're after a subtle tint, a small amount of product will provide a balanced glow. The slightly floral aroma and the glamorous 30 ml bottle with a golden cap make it even more attractive.

(Video) The Best Tinted Moisturizers with SPF! My Favorites from NARS, Shiseido, & More | Susan Yara

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Laura Mercier Hidratante Natural Skin Perfecting Oil-Free Tinted

  • To improve:for brightness control
  • Size:50ml
  • in shade:20
  • FPS?:20
  • skin type:All kinds

This generous 50 ml tube contains an oil-free formula that's especially helpful when you're on the lookout for products that may slip off your skin or cause excess oil. We found that the tinted moisturizer created a natural semi-matte canvas without drying out or creasing. In terms of coverage, it's lightweight but still buildable, which we appreciate.

Skin benefits include SPF 20 and Vitamin E, while the formula itself is soothing and breathable. We were very impressed with the long staying power of this formula - it lasted for hours without shine during wear. It is also available in 20 shades.

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Better, perfecting Hauttönung

  • To improve:For a natural finish
  • Size:30ml
  • in shade:12
  • FPS?:none
  • skin type:no

While technically a skin toner, this sheer formula also has hydrating properties. There are 12 shades available, each one packaged in the exclusive Glossier squeeze bottle. We've found the formula to be a light, smooth wash thanks to moisturizing ingredients like glycerin.

(Video) My Favorite Skin Tints and Tinted Moisturizers

It doesn't settle into pores or settle into fine lines, instead offering a veil of smooth balance. A small amount spreads reasonably well on the face and builds up without leaving streaks. The overall effect is of a "no makeup" look, which is nice if you're going for a subtle, easy-to-wear foundation.

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Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Hidratante SPF15

  • To improve:Luxus-Shopping
  • Size:50 grams
  • in shade:6
  • FPS?:15
  • skin type:no

This formula comes in seven shades, with three shades to choose from: Balanced, Soft Rose, and Golden. The SPF15 adds some protection, although we easily layered it with a separate SPF product. The medium-weight formula has a velvety texture with a luxurious feel and offers a hydrating, full-coverage finish. It was also soothing to our face, which must have been due to its calming ingredients like chamomile.

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Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop blurs skin tones

  • To improve:For buildable coverage
  • Size:32ml
  • in shade:25
  • FPS?:NO
  • skin type:no

This squeeze bottle has a hexagonal shape that will stand out in your cosmetic bag. There are 25 shades to buy in cool, warm, golden, neutral olive, bronze and yellow undertones. We've found that the formula blends well into the skin without clinging to pores or wrinkles, and glides on seamlessly when you're looking to build coverage.

A small amount goes a long way and glides over the face for quick and easy application. Our skin looked smoothly more even. Although it feels hydrating on the skin, the tint does not slide off.

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Milk Makeup Sun Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF30

  • To improve:for SPF protection
  • Size:16ml
  • in shade:14
  • FPS?:30
  • Skin types:no

This tube features a unique push-up glass ball tip. We found this system to be quite complicated, but it's quick to use and you can buy refill cartridges too. Available in 14 shades, the vegan formula provides medium coverage that leaves skin feeling dewy and smoothes away blemishes with ease.

Moisturizing ingredients include avocado and jojoba, and you'll also benefit from the broad spectrum SPF30. We are pleased to report that the UVA and UVB protection also has no added chalk. The formula did fade a bit throughout the day, but quick top-ups were a breeze with this applicator.

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Vita Liberata beauty blur

  • To improve:To smooth the skin
  • Size:30ml
  • in shade:1
  • FPS?:none
  • Skin types:no

This facial product from the self-tanning brand comes in a stylish applicator tube. The creamy shade glides on the skin thanks to nourishing ingredients like aloe and shea butter and hydrates. There are four shades and the smoothing blend prepares the skin well as a base.

The finish is very natural so if you are looking for minimal coverage this would be ideal. We especially like using it as a primer before layering with other skincare products, but it would look great on bare skin in the summer.

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Kevyn Aucoin Nude Tom de pele nude

  • To improve:for hydration
  • Size:30ml
  • in shade:10
  • FPS:none
  • skin type:no

This lightweight tint instantly softens the skin and provides an ultra-hydrating, all-day feel thanks to the inclusion of highly hydrating hyaluronic acid. Provides a transparent finish without excess oiliness or shine. The formula is comfortable and doesn't settle into fine lines or pores. We still get to see our skin's natural texture, but with a soft top layer that evens out dryness and uneven complexion.

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