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Landing pages are key elements of effective inbound marketing strategies. They are effective lead capture tools that can help businesses grow their online presence and create content funnels that target key audiences.

The main focus of an effective landing page is to bring your visitors closer to the storyline. There are some best practices for creating landing pages that differ from website design, and it's important to know which strategies work best before you begin. See how to create the perfect landing page for your software to increase downloads and generate leads.

Why should you have a landing page for your software?

While website visitors at the top of your marketing funnel visit your website in search of information about a product or business, others further down the funnel may be ready for a more personalized experience that inspires action. That's where a landing page comes in!

A landing page is a web page that users land on after clicking a link in an ad, email, social media post, or other online source.

It is designed to grab the user's attention and encourage them to perform a specific action, such as: B. signing up for a newsletter, downloading a document or making a purchase. For this reason, landing pages are often based on hyper-specific content that has a specific purpose.Sites und Microsites, on the other hand, may contain multiple subpages or a wider range of information for users to explore.

Landing pages often contain succinct, eye-catching headlines and short descriptions of an offer, as well as a contact form to capture leads. Landing pages are often used in conjunction with online advertising campaigns to measure the effectiveness of inbound marketing campaigns.

A landing page is an essential part of marketing your software.

Landing pages are an important part of any online marketing strategy. They arehighly effective conversion toolswhich often emphasize a unique selling proposition, a value proposition, and strong calls to action.

These items can aid in your marketing efforts by providing potential users with a place to take them one step closer to investing in your software. These independent web addresses are also particularly useful marketing tools because they provide targeted information and analysis.

This makes it easy to track and measure the effectiveness of different branches of your marketing efforts, e.g. B. To determine which CTAs are most effective for which users.

DuringThe primary goal is sales promotionand downloads of your software provide landing pages with additional opportunities to increase user activity in the form of lead capture. You can use your landing page to offer something of value in exchange for contact information, creating a foundation for mailing lists and other inbound and outbound marketing opportunities.

A landing page can focus on a specific audience

Landing pages offer more flexibility than traditional websites in terms of style, format, and content. While a primary webpage may follow specific marketing and branding efforts to appeal to a variety of audiences, landing pages may leverage content experiences that are unique to specific audiences.

This is especially helpful when designing with different demographics in mind. For example, you can showcase specific case studies on some landing pages that you use to target one user over another, or you can design your landing pages to appeal to different audiences.

The more personalized the visitor experience, the better. Targeting your landing pages canIncrease your conversion rates by up to 300%!

A landing page can promote targeted offers

did you know thatTargeted offers can influence 78%of people's decisions to act or buy a product?

Targeted bidding “gets to the point” and allows you to provide content that you know specific audiences want to see while making decisions about what action to take. This increases conversion rates and sells your software more efficiently than untargeted efforts.

A landing page makes it easy to combine targeted offers with organic content. This includes promoting special offers along with CTAs, white papers, case studies, etc. While targeted bids can appear aggressive and “sellable” on traditional website content, they're perfect for landing pages that your already interested prospects are visiting. This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on your expressed interest!

How to create the perfect software landing page

Choose an offer that is relevant to your target market

The first and most important step in creating an effective landing page is choosing an offer that is relevant to your target market.

Determining the right offer for your audience shouldn't be based on guesswork. The more personalized the offer is to your target audience, the more likely they are to take action. Start by considering and defining who your target audience is.

You can have more than one, and that's okay! In this case, it would be wise to see if they have anything in common and if not, create a unique landing page and special offer for each profile. Ask yourself some of these questions to determine what type of offer is most relevant and useful to your audience:

  • What problems or obstacles does your target group encounter when choosing a software solution? What would help them solve these problems?
  • What unique qualities can you highlight or use in an essay to generate interest?
  • What incentives is your target audience most interested in, convenience, cost, etc.?

Answering these questions will help you create an offer that will appeal to your target market and inspire action.

Keep your copy short and sweet.

With a special offer in tow, you can start creating, copying, and writing content for your landing page.

When it comes to copyright, less is almost always more. Try to keep your text short, sweet and to the point. The more focused you are, the better!Only 16% of Internet users read the copy verbatim, so it has to be overflowable and punchy.

Make an effort to highlight relevant features with strong, engaging language, and don't forget to add the perfect CTAs that drive your next actionable step.

Use visuals to improve conversions

Visual elements are a crucial part of creating a compelling landing page. While traditional websites can rely on text-heavy elements, a landing page can use multimedia strategies.

Images and videos can be important parts of your content strategy.More than 70% of consumersprefer videos to text-based marketing! Adding eye-catching images will make your landing page more attractive and encourage people to take action.

Make sure your images are carefully selected and consistent with your software design and branding. A cluttered landing page can have the opposite effect than a landing page that relies on clean, simple, and relevant media.

You can also use A/B testing to experiment with different types of content to see which ones have the biggest impact on conversions.

Use a strong call to action (CTA)

Don't forget your call to action (CTA)!

Your CTA should tell visitors exactly what you want them to do next, whether they sign up for a free trial or download a white paper about your software. It should be unmissable (think: large font size, bright colors).

Place your CTA above the fold, the part of the page that someone sees when they first land on it.gilt als Best Practicebecause it ensures that visitors see it immediately.

Other strategies work here too. Placing your CTAs in a white space that makes them more visible, using a CTA button that looks like a real clickable button instead of hyperlinks, and using directional images are other strategies that can increase conversion rates.

Every landing page is different, so make sure you test different placements for your CTA before committing to just one.

Not sure if a landing page is a robust enough solution to market your software? Try a microsite! Microsites give you the opportunity to include subpages that would otherwise not be a narrow landing page. They also feature the same reporting and analytics toolkits that come with the websites, allowing you to dig deeper into the effectiveness of your software campaign strategies.

With security features and custom templates, you can personalize your microsite content just the way you want it. The best? They're as easy to create as a standard landing page!

Try a demo todayand see if a microsite is a good match for your software.

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