Can Dogs Eat Mangoes? Read the answer here! (2023)

As the weather warms up, people are looking for ways to cool off. One of the most popular summer treats is mangoes because they melt in your mouth and taste sweet.

But can dogs eat mangoes? Is it safe for you?

Many people wonder if their dog can eat mangoes. It is a frequently asked question since this fruit is so delicious and has so many health benefits.

The answer isSIM!

Dogs are carnivores, which means they need meat to survive. But that doesn't mean they can't eat fruit. Mangoes have many health benefits for your dog and can be served as a delicious treat.

Read the blog to find out why and how to serve mangoes to your dog.


  • Is mango good for dogs?
  • What are the health benefits of mango for dogs?
  • Ideas for serving mangoes to dogs
  • Delicious mango treats for dogs
  • When is mango bad for dogs?

Is mango good for dogs?

We all know that dogs are known for their love of food and that it can be great company. But did you know that they also like mango?

Granted, these fruits have a little more to them than just sweetness. There are also many health benefits that this fruit has to offer. Therefore, they are a better dog treat than any other dog biscuit or biscuit.

Kaci Angelone (DVM, MS) from Denver, Colorado says:"Anything high in fiber is a good snack option, as it will make your dog feel full, which can help maintain weight."

How many mangoes can dogs eat?

"How much mango can I give my dog?"

A quarter cup of fresh mango once a week, or twice for larger dogs, is just the right amount to help prevent diabetes and obesity. Mangoes have more sugar than other fruits, so you should feed them in moderation.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one cup of mango contains 99 calories and 22.5 grams of sugar. Fructose is fine in moderation, but too much can lead to health problems.

What are the health benefits of mango for dogs?

Mangoes are healthy and good for your dog. It is because:

  • Vitamin A:Vitamin A is important for your dog's immune system and keeps bones and reproductive system healthy. This vitamin also helps to clear your eyesight.
  • Antioxidants:Antioxidants can help dogs fight disease. You can protect them from disease, skin problems, allergies and cancer.
  • Protein:Mangoes are good for your muscles. They have proteins that help repair body tissues.
  • potassium:Potassium is needed to keep your dog's kidneys healthy. It also supports heart function, muscle function and a healthy digestive system.
  • Fiber :Dogs need a lot of fiber. Fiber moves food throughout a dog's body and improves bowel movements. Fiber can also help if you have high blood sugar or are overweight.
  • Magnesium:Magnesium is a mineral that helps the body use proteins and fatty acids. It also helps in energy production. Plus, it helps keep your dog's bones strong.
  • Vitamin B6:Vitamin B6 helps form blood cells, keeps nerves healthy, regulates hormones and supports the immune system.
  • Folate:Folate is important for good health. It is needed for new cells and for making DNA.
  • Vitamin C :As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can seek out and destroy free radical molecules that damage cells. It also supports the immune system, reducing inflammation and fighting some cancers or even helping to prevent cognitive aging.
  • Vitamin E:Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. This means that it binds to the fats in your pet's body. It is good for skin and coat health and can help dogs with dry or itchy skin or ear infections.

Ideas for serving mangoes to dogs

The first piece of advice when giving your dog this healthy and tasty treat is not to overfeed him. give them enough

With that said, here are some ideas for serving your dog mangoes.

fresh ripe mango

Mangoes must be ripe before feeding them to your dog. Peel the mango and cut it into small dog-friendly pieces. The pulp is soft, so there is no risk of choking.

Be sure to cut the piece of mango to the right size for your dog. You can also add mango cubes or pieces to the feeding bowl every day for extra fluids.

dried mango

Dried mango can occasionally be added to dog food as it contains all the nutrients of the fresh fruit without the water content.

"Can Dogs Eat Dried Mangoes?"

Dried mangoes are high in sugar, calories and carbohydrates. The drying process also removes some of the fruit's health benefits.

Therefore, it is better to have fresh ripe mangoes. However, if necessary, your dog can only eat a small amount of dried mango. That's because excess causes stomach pain and causes cavities.

mango sorbet or sorbet

"Can dogs eat mango ice cream?"

Safety and benefits depend on how you do it. If you use natural yogurt without sweeteners like xylitol, which is highly toxic for your dog, mango sorbet is delicious in the summer.

"Can dogs eat mango ice cream?"

Ice cream can be made without any sweeteners or ingredients other than the addition of fruit such as blueberries, watermelon, bananas or cucumbers.

canned sleeves

It's hard to know if the canned mangoes you buy are safe for your pet, as they may contain artificial sugar, colors or flavors. If the only ingredients in mangoes are 100% mango juice and water, it must be safe for your pet.

frozen mango

This is a great way to serve mangoes on a hot summer day with their moisturizing properties still intact, and don't forget about the nutritional benefits! Dogs also love this frozen treat, who knew?

Attention puppies!

Puppies are more likely to get sick when they eat something new. To avoid this, talk to your vet before giving him anything new. If you give him something new, be on the lookout for symptoms like bloating, stomach pain or constipation, which mean the puppy may not be able to digest that food.

If they experience these symptoms after eating mangoes, stop feeding the pup and ask your vet what else he can eat.

Delicious mango treats for dogs

In addition to being offered as a raw fruit, there are some delicacies that can be made from the mango. Your dog will love them!

sleeve feet

This is a good recipe for special occasions like dog birthdays. You can make it in minutes and put it in the fridge overnight. Your dog will love this!


  • Fresh mango - 2 cups
  • Coconut water or milk - 1 cup
  • Edging - 1 tbsp (optional)

cooking instructions

Peel the mango, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces. Hit the blender with some coconut water or milk and honey. Mix until smooth. You can also add other tropical fruits to this smoothie.

Place the ice cube tray on a flat surface. Place the silicone mold on top. Pour the mixture on top of the ice cube tray to fill it. Place it in your freezer overnight.

To remove the frozen treat from the shell, let it sit for a few minutes to loosen it up. Turn the tray over and it will come out.

manga girl

Reward your dog's good behavior with this tasty Mango Chicken Snack that he'll love!


  • Skinless Chicken Breast: 4 ounces boneless (cooked and chopped)
  • Fresh mango - 1 cup
  • Whole wheat flour - ¾ cup
  • Oats - ½ cup
  • Cinnamon Powder - ½ tsp
  • They - 1 (optional)

cooking instructions

You must preheat the oven to 350˚F. In a large bowl, combine chicken, mango, flour, rolled oats and cinnamon. The mixture may be dry, so consider adding an egg if necessary. Knead gently and form a ball.

For the cookies, sprinkle a work surface with flour. Roll out the dough over the top, then use cookie cutters to cut out the desired shapes.

Place the cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake the cookies for 10-15 minutes until golden brown. Let them cool completely before storing them in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Peanut Butter and Mango Delight

Mango and peanut butter are two classic snack foods, but when you combine them as part of this treat, there's sure to be an interesting twist!


  • Fresh mango - ½ cup
  • Peanut butter - ½ cup
  • Honey - 1 tablespoon
  • Dried Parsley - ½ tsp
  • Brown rice flour - 1 cup

cooking instructions

First, preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit. Then line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined.

Form a ball with the dough and roll it out on a floured surface until it is 1.2 cm thick. Cut with the cookie cutter of your choice and place on the prepared baking sheet (or draw shapes).

Bake for 10-15 minutes and let cool before refrigerating for later use.

When is mango bad for dogs?

The abundance of everything is bad!

Therefore, mangoes can be dangerous for your dog in some cases for the following reasons:

  • High sugar:Mangoes have a lot of sugar. If you let your dog eat them frequently, he could develop cavities, obesity or diabetes.
  • High carbs:Carbohydrates are converted to sugar in your dog's body. Mango has 25 grams of sugar per fruit, making it plenty for diabetic dogs to eat often.
  • high fever:Mango is a good choice for your dog due to its fiber content. One problem is that it can cause constipation, diarrhea, bloating, or an upset stomach. To avoid this, you should offer only small amounts as a reward.

Can all dogs eat mangoes?

All healthy dogs can eat mangoes. But if your dog has diabetes or is overweight, talk to your veterinarian before offering him this sweet fruit.

  • Diabetic dogs:Dogs with diabetes should not eat mangoes due to their high sugar content. Your veterinarian can help you determine what amount is appropriate for your dog.
  • Overweight or obese dogs:Overweight dogs should not eat sugar. ¾ cup of mango has about 70 calories, which is a lot for an overweight dog.
  • Dogs with kidney problems:Dogs with kidney disease can eat mangoes in moderation as they contain no starch or phosphorus. But ask your veterinarian how much is appropriate for your dog.

What parts of mango are bad for dogs?

Certain parts of the mango should not be given to dogs to eliminate the risks of the fruit. These are the following:

  • rind or peel of mango

    "Can dogs eat mango peel?"

    "Can dogs eat mango peel?"

    Mangoes are related to poison ivy. Mango oil contains urushiol, a substance that can irritate the skin. Therefore, you should not give your dog mango peels. May cause stomach upset or intestinal blockage.

  • Mango Grube

    "Can Dogs Eat Mango Seeds?"

    "Can Dogs Eat Mango Seeds?"

    Mango pits are known as "rocks" or "seeds" and contain amygdalin. This substance turns into cyanide when chewed and swallowed. Therefore, if your dog eats them, he could get an upset stomach or even poison himself if he eats too many mango seeds. Therefore, always remove the pit before feeding the mango to the dog.

It's a good idea to feed your dog mangoes!

Mangoes are a summertime treat for your dog, but in MODERATION!

Feel free to feed your pup fresh mango or in the form of a delicious treat. It is very nutritious and tasty at the same time.

However, never forget to take proper care and remove the harmful parts of the fruit. Also, keep in touch with your vet if you notice any uncomfortable symptoms.

common questions

Is Mango Good for Shih Tzu?

Yes, mangoes are good for all dog breeds including Shih Tzu. This is because mangoes are rich in antioxidants and minerals, thus providing your dog with various nutrients.

Does mango make dogs sick?

Since mangoes are high in sugar, they can make a diabetic dog sick. If a healthy dog ​​eats too many mangoes or mangoes too often, he may eventually gain weight or become ill.


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