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Bavaria, the southern tip of Germany and perhaps the most iconic state, is a truly wonderful place. In particular, the countryside of Upper Bavaria is still very closeMunich, a dreamland of castles, forests and lakes, which rises higher as you head south before soaring majestically into the German Alps.

The terrain is generally not as alpine as in neighboring Austria, although in some places, such as around Konigsee, the scenery is so dramatic and stark that you feel you could be anywhere in Switzerland orAustrian Alps.

Upper Bavaria is full of neat flower-filled villages and well-kept half-timbered houses. With many picturesque farms and cottages. There are many impressive castles, one of which, Neuschwanstein Castle near the town of Füssen, was the inspiration for the castle in the Disney animation, Sleeping Beauty.

It is also a sports paradise where you can ski and snowboard in winter, horse riding, hiking, cycling and paragliding.

Lower Bavaria is somewhat overshadowed by Upper Bavaria, but it is also full of beautiful scenery, albeit with less dramatic scenery. It is a country rich in agriculture and the heart of German wine production. Its fertile plains give way to beautiful medieval towns such as Dinkelsbuhl and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

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Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany, is an amalgamation of three different states that originally shared a Swabian identity.

THESwabianthey are independent people who are considered sensible, hard-working people from the countryside. They have a completely different German dialect as well as a distinctive cuisine that many say is the best in Germany and you shouldn't miss out on one of the many farms in the area. They also love their wine and Baden-Württemberg is definitely the center of German winemaking, with vineyards practically creeping around the outskirts of Stuggart, the capital of the region.

It is also home to the beautiful and mysterious Black Forest, one of Europe's most iconic areas, where hiking and mountain biking are huge. There are also plenty of opportunities for horse riding and swimming in some of the famous lakes, the best known of which is the large Bodensee. Outside of industrial Stuttgart, there are many beautiful towns and villages where the pace of life is slow and the people are warm and friendly. Even the large university town of Freiburgim Breisgau, on the edge of the Black Forest, retains something of a small town, and smaller towns, such as the idyllic Triberg im Schwarzwald, can sometimes look like a movie set for fairy tales. .


The once important state of Saxony in the northeast became of little importance to East Germany, but now with its capital, beautiful Dresden and, to a lesser extent, the bustling university city of Leipzig, it has become a tourist favorite. ZOE.

Even its cities and towns lack the cosmopolitan feel of most of the former West Germany, and rural areas like neighboring Thuringia are traditionally German and therefore a very authentic place to farm.

There are many wild areas of outstanding beauty, includingRudawy National Parkfor example Saschische Schweiz, or Saxon Switzerland, for its dramatic landscapes, both areas are ideal for deep forest walks and mountains, the latter of which is also known for climbing.

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Lower Saxony, a huge country bordering the Netherlands and the North Sea, isn't really on the tourist map when it comes to farms and the like, but that's kind of a shame. This "common state" has a rich history, with long-standing ties to the Nordic countries, the Netherlands andGreat Britainto the west was the estate of the legendary Saxon kingHenry the Lionand in his time, about eight hundred years ago, the region was one of the most important in Europe.

Although the area around the capital of Hanover and the city of Bremen is quite industrialized, and generally in the east of the country, there is a vast area of ​​open space that stretches from the mountains of the Harz region to the low hills in the center and towards the plain north-west to the Dutch border, East Freesia and the great mudflats of the North Sea coast.

Points of interest include the atmospheric Lüneburg Wilderness and many small, slowly growing rural towns and villages with traditional Saxon houses, including some particularly picturesque towns. Hamlin in the hills of the Weserbergland or, for example, near Hann or like Celle and Hildesheim. The Weserbergland region, where most fairy tales take placeBrothers Grimm, is also a good place for hiking, biking and canoeing.

You will find many good quality agritourism farms, generally relatively average, with more in mind to keep the farm in good condition than to really promote the tourist side of things, as mentioned before, the state is quite underrated by tourists, especially foreign tourists , but the locals are generally welcoming and friendly, and in many ways it's the perfect place to get a taste of real German country life.


Saxony-Anhalt, the hasty post-war union of Prussian Saxony and the Duchy of Anhalt, is defined by two major rivers, the great Elbe and the lesser-known Saale. For centuries it was a prosperous region thanks to river trade and the production of timber, salt and coal, and then developed into an important center of heavy industry in East Germany. However, in recent years it has suffered economically and can now be described as post-industrial.

Especially in the flatter areas of the eastern provinces, you can feel its industrial past, which can be bleak in parts, but there is also plenty of open, clear farmland with fertile pastures and forest areas.

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The west is more mountainous, where dense coniferous forest surrounds the slopes of the Harz Mountains, high enough for skiing in winter. There are also small farms scattered around and although Saxony-Anhalt is not a major tourist destination, farms are gaining popularity.


North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the most densely populated regions in Europe. It includes the cities of Bonn, Cologne, Dortmund and many others, and in some respects it can be described as the industrial heart of the entire continent.

It may therefore come as a surprise to be classified as an agritourism destination, but of course there are also rural, peaceful and tranquil areas. The forested Sauerland on the Rhine or the Sienbengebirge, for example, are places where rural life has its own rhythm, and towns like Detmold and Paderborn in the Westphalian countryside, to name a few, would not be out of place in rural Germany. more traditional than Thuringia.


One of Europe's most important rivers flows through it, the Rhineland has been connected to the outside world for centuries and is a thriving commercial center, connecting Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Basel in Switzerland.

Much wine has flowed along this river over the centuries, and the fertile Moselle Valley, around the towns of Piesport and Bernkastel-Kues, is one of Germany's leading wine regions. The area is characterized by numerous vineyards on the slopes overlooking the busy river and its tributaries.


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Brandenburg, the area around Berlin, is a rural center that has been used by Berliners as an escape to nature for generations.

Although it receives many visitors from the city, it is still mostly mild and peaceful, full of beech forests, lakes and flowers. The perfect area for a farm holiday.

Its most visited area is probably the Spreewald, canals for boating and fishing, but if you want something similar but much quieter along the Polish border, you'll find acres of protected wetlands. aboutSolves the OdertalLubLower Oder Valley National Parkwhich is home to many species of animals and birds. For example, around the beautiful town of Rheinsburg, there are some particularly nice forests and lakes, as well as some beautiful old Prussian palaces to see and admire. You can also find the ruins of ancient monasteries, for example, in Chorin, and there are many others.


The state of Hesse/Hesse is largely dominated by Frankfurt, an important center of industry, finance and air transport, arguably one of the most important cities in Europe. It doesn't look like a farmhouse, but Hesse is more than Frankfurt.

The beautiful scenery all around is the perfect antidote to a high energy city. It has many spa towns that are popular with city dwellers, with Wiesbaden perhaps the best known, and as you go, typical rural Germany, manicured farmland and lots of green forests climb beautifully up the hillsides. Small towns like Wellburg or Fulda are picturesque and picturesque, and throughout rural Hesse you will find many high-quality farmhouses in beautiful rural surroundings that seem far away from Frankfurt.


Thuringia or Thuringia is considered by many Germans to be the heart of the country, and at least geographically it is.

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It could never be its political or industrial heart that the work is left to others, but for most people it is associated with nostalgia for a gentler, slower, more rural and simpler Germany.

It runs at a different pace to most of the rest of the country, it's very rural and has no big cities to speak of. However, it was once home to important German historical figures such as Goethe, Martin Luther and Bach, so it is not a cultural backwater.

In the south, especially around the Thuringian Forest, it is wonderfully rural and agritourism flourishes here. There are many gentle plateaus here and it is a great place for not too strenuous walks.


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