13 sure signs he's fighting his feelings for you (2023)

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You like a boy, the boy likes you too. The two confess their feelings, start dating and live happily ever after. Wouldn't life be so easy if every love story followed this linear path? Unfortunately, love never went smoothly, at least not "like that". The fact that you are looking for signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you is evidence.

Our past experiences, inhibitions, fear of commitment, and attachment styles often get in the way of love. While there are strong feelings on both sides, the people involved in the equation don't necessarily express them easily. You know what that means: getting stuck in an endless loop of puzzles: "Is he avoiding his feelings for me?"

If there's that special someone in your life who is sending you all sorts of mixed signals, it's time to look for signs that they have romantic feelings for you but are doing everything they can to control them. feel like you can decide where to go from here.

Why are you holding back your feelings?


There are clear signs everywhere that he has strong feelings for you, but he won't make the first move. A guy who fights his feelings for you for days or even months can drive you crazy, right? I mean, come on! Take my hand and say you love me already! What are you waiting for?" Seriously, we can try to understand the psychological aspects of a man withholding his feelings despite feeling connected to you:

1. Past traumatic relationships

In life's journey, we learn from our good and bad experiences. If a certain course of action turns out to be an error of judgment on your part, you will try to avoid the same course at all costs. You don't know, maybe this person's previous relationships were so unsatisfactory that he is afraid of falling victim to another poison trap. Maybe the guy is overwhelmed by her feelings, but he's stillHealing from the last break.that broke it. All these past events will help to delay your true feelings.

2. Unable to Handle Rejection

There is the ego of a normal person and there is the "male ego" the size of a mountain. "Why is he fighting his feelings for me? He makes it pretty clear he has a soft corner," you're probably thinking. In short, the idea of ​​being shot down scares you to death. They live in a secular patriarchal society and are not well equipped with the emotional maturity to do so.Dealing with rejection in lovein a sporty way. Nothing would be more embarrassing than a simple "no" from a girl. So he's just trying to gauge her feelings for him before he spills the beans.

3. Skeptical of your own feelings.

Let's face it, we've all been through that stage at least once where we can't figure out if it's a crush or if we really love our crush. Being indecisive about your feelings is not a federal crime; You can give the guy some leeway here. When something serious is added to this uncertaintybinding issuesThis can be cause for concern. There is another reason behind the signs that you are running away from your feelings. However, it's much better to take the time to be absolutely sure of your feelings and intentions before committing to a relationship.

4. Already involved in a relationship/marriage

Ah, now that's a real pickle. Suppose this person has an obligation to fulfill to another couple. Well, leaving this relationship to yourself would be too risky. You have to risk a lot to break up with your partner and your love story can finally come to light. If you can spot the signs that a married man is struggling with his feelings for you, the chances of him admitting to having those feelings are 50/50 here.psychological effects of being the other woman.

5. He feels like the wrong partner for you.

There are signs that he is in denial about his feelings for you and you are wondering, "Why?" He may not see himself as the perfect partner for you. Maybe he sees you with someone smarter, better looking, maybe with a steady stream of income. Financial instability may be holding you back, although the guy is overwhelmed by his feelings for you.

13 Clear Signs He's Fighting His Feelings For You

I once fell deeply in love with my ex's best friend. Considering how messed up the situation was, since he was confused and conflicted about breaking the fraternal code while also wanting to see things through, it ended up being the most emotionally draining romantic connection of my life.

We had an intense, intimate moment, and then he walked away like I was the last thing that mattered. "Are you avoiding your feelings for me?" I was wondering too, just like you are now. After all, how do you know if a guy is fighting his feelings when his behavior is still so unpredictable? Anyway, we went throughhot and cold phasesfor months and finally broke up.

About four years later, he sneaked into my DMs to apologize for not acting on his feelings when he had the opportunity and now he often finds himself thinking about what could have been, consumed. Yes, you and me, friend! To ensure that, unlike mine, his story isn't over before it even starts, let's decode the signs that he's struggling with his feelings for you that I've been able to focus on in hindsight:

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1. Inconsistent behavior

As I said before, in my case the most confusing part of it all was that one day he seemed interested in me and the next he was distant and unavailable. It would make me angry often tormentingwhat he really wanted from meor why he doesn't realize how much he meant to me. As frustrating as it can be, inconsistent behavior is also one of the telltale signs that he has strong feelings for you but doesn't want to reveal them.

If you feel like you want more and then withdraw, it could be because circumstances or legacy are weighing too heavily on you. In this situation, you need to pragmatically analyze whether he is able to overcome these inhibitions and offer you a stable and satisfying relationship. The answer will decide if you should give him the much-needed push to open up your heart or if you should focus on moving forward.

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2. Tangible Chemistry

Whether you're looking for signs that he's fighting his feelings for you over text or in real life, palpable chemistry is one of those telltale indicators you can't ignore. For example, you might notice that just because you're replying to a text message, he senses that you're feeling bad. Or maybe you've reached a level of intimacy where you can finish each other's sentences, make a series of inside jokes, and practically read each other's minds.

These are all strong signs that he has romantic feelings for you. You may not yet have your heart on your sleeve, but the two of you are definitely in tune with each other. This can only happen if he feels connected to you. He sees you as more than just a friend, and part of him wants to take things romantically.

13 sure signs he's fighting his feelings for you (2)

3. Jealousy is one of the signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you.

Paul and Sarah met at work and quickly went from casual acquaintances to great friends and eventually developed feelings for each other. However, Paul, ambitious and career-oriented, was skeptical about howmeeting with a colleagueThis can affect you professionally. This caused him to send all sorts of mixed signals. And Sarah finished counting the signs he's running away from her feelings. On the one hand, he avoided talking to Sarah about how he was feeling, and on the other hand, he was extremely jealous of any progress in his love life.

"Paul is upset that I'm still active on Tinder, but at the same time he doesn't want to talk about our position. Is he avoiding his feelings for me? She turned to her girl gang for advice. "Oh well! Why else would he care who you're dating? replied Wynn, her best friend. If you're also having trouble understanding the signs that he's struggling with his feelings for you, see if your dating prospects make him green with envy. Here's the answer to when a guy is struggling with his feelings for you.

4. Try to make her jealous

Jealousy can be a double-edged sword when a guy tries to fight his feelings for you. Not only will he find himself in the midst of jealousy, but he will also try to evoke the same feelings in you. This usually happens when he is unsure of your feelings for him.

Then, to test the waters, he might bring up your dating exploits to see if you flinch, get nervous, or show telltale signs of jealousy at the prospect of him dating someone else. While not the ideal approach, this is certainly one of the surefire signs that he has romantic feelings for you, but he might not be sure whether to act on it or not.

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5. He is self-aware.

How do you know if a man is fighting his feelings? If you know him well, subtle but definite changes in his behavior and body language around you could be a dead signal. You may notice him becoming more restless or hesitant to look you in the eye. A guy struggling with his feelings for you would be more aware of any physical contact between the two of you.

Being around you makes his heart race, and as he fights his feelings for you, it can make him restless. Also, don't reveal your hidden feelings before you've had a chance to sort them out and decide how to proceed. This is a clear indicator that aThe boy loves you but he's too shy to admit itAND.

6. He wants you to know you can count on him.

One of the telltale signs that he has strong feelings for you but is trying to fight them is that he would do anything to be your Mr. Even though he's debating whether or not to go through with things, part of him wants nothing more than to be with you. And that part pushes him to be there for you through thick and thin. Before asking, "Is he fighting his feelings for me?" tell us, do you find his presence literally all around you? Especially if you urgently need someone to help you.

From walking by your side when you have a flat tire in the middle of the road, to insisting on driving you home after a long night and bringing you medicine and hot water bottles when you're struggling with menstrual cramps, he's always there. for you. He's on your speed dial, he's your emergency contact, he's your cry for help because there's ample evidence that he would never let you down when you needed him most. this is a testimonyhow much he cares for you.

7. You tend to date without dating.

How do you know if a man is fighting his feelings? If this is a question you've been losing sleep over, it's time to pay attention to how often he plans to date you. Here's a pattern I've noticed about the guy struggling with his feelings for me: He's suddenly taking me out for drinks, lunch, movies, dinner, and parties. We go out several times a week.

Every time we went out, he would end the conversation with a text along the lines of, "It's not a date, but I'll pick you up at 7." this also led to nothing: walking hand in hand down the street, kissing my forehead when I said goodbye, noticing small changes in my appearance and praising.

Very identifiable? Trust me, those warm and fuzzy moments that quickly fade away are some of the signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you. If you are tired of waiting for a breakthrough, talk to him honestly!

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8. He might be afraid to be alone with you.

While she may hang out with you a lot, any hint of development is astrong emotional bondYou can shut him up. You may notice that, after each incident, he becomes distant and cautious as he spends his days alone with you. While it can be immensely frustrating, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud: Your man is showing some classic signs of denial about his feelings for you.

At this stage, I recommend that you give him space to clear his head and figure out what he really wants. I made the mistake of asking too many responses too soon, and it clearly didn't end well. Let him work out his feelings on his own without feeling pressured, and if he has to, it will work.

9. Labels from the past weigh on you

"But we are such good friends." "You're my best friend's girlfriend." "I don't want to risk what we already have." These were Mr. Conflict whenever our conversations veered into romantic territory and he felt the need to withdraw.

We'd often spend hours writing late into the night, but when things got emotionally intense, I'd use one of his classic lines and switch off. If you too have experienced that special someone in your life who was trying to hold back from revealing their true feelings, count this among the signs that they have strong feelings for you but are trying to control them.

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10. He cares about you

Gerri has fallen head over heels in love with Tom, her college sweetheart. She was madly in love and wanted nothing more than to be with Tom. There was only one problem: he wasn't as open about her feelings because he simplyget out of a long-term relationship.

One thing was clear: he cared deeply for Gerri. In fact, over time, Gerri made it an unspoken ritual between them to text Tom that she had arrived home safely after her night shift at work. Tom waited for her messages before he left, although her day started early and if Gerri got lost he would call to see how she was doing.

If you too have something like your special man, make no mistake, these rituals are among the most telltale signs that he's fighting his feelings for you over text. If they don't go a day without texting and keeping up to date on what's going on in each other's lives, it's because there are intense feelings at play on both sides.

13 sure signs he's fighting his feelings for you (3)

11. He becomes distant when you let your feelings show.

Charlie and Austin were stuck in a similar limbo. They had been together for months, but their relationship remained elusive. The "What are we?" The question stared at them every time they were together, but they dodged and dodged it. Eventually, Charlie decided they'd had enough.

They told Austin that they liked him romantically and wanted to take things to the next level. And Austin just couldn't answer. She let her words hang in the air and left. They barely spoke for the next few days. Exhausted, Charlie Rat turned to a friend. "If he doesn't love me, why doesn't he come out and tell me? What I can take is not knowing what hurts," they said.

Charlie's friend advised them, "Can't you see? These are all signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you. I'm not saying you're right about that, but there's certainly something stopping you from acting on your feelings. . It's up to you to decide if the wait and agony are worth it." If you are going through something similar and your emotions are getting the better of you again, this advice applies to you as well.

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12. Random gestures of love are signs that he has strong feelings for you.

Claire has noticed a recent development of a closer bond with her colleague Josh. They got into an argument over text messages and the next morning she woke up to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and her favorite cupcakes on her doorstep. They are dancing together at a club and suddenly he pulls her closer and kisses her on the cheek. She's having a bad day at work and he drops by her house to take her for a bike ride and coffee.

But every time she takes theseunique romantic gesturesAs a sign that he likes her too, she doesn't reciprocate one way or another. "Are you avoiding your feelings for me?" This question can drive anyone crazy when their boo turns into a walking, talking, mixed-signal transmitter, and that was the case with Claire. He guesses? Her hunch was absolutely correct as he soon found out about their 3 year married life. These loving gestures are one of the surest signs that a married man is fighting his feelings for you, but he doesn't want to let them go.

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13. How do you know if a guy is struggling with his feelings? blurred lines of intimacy

Things between Mr. Conflict and I started out as harmless flirting that quickly turned into full-blown making out. What this meant for us, however, was not discussed. we left? Was he in the way of friends with benefits? Tired of second-guessing and asking "Is he avoiding his feelings for me?" I decided to talk to him about it. He said that things were too complicated and there was no point in going down that path and that it would be better if we were friends again. One classic"Right person at the wrong time" situationhe called.

Devastated as I was, I was also relieved to have clarity on where we were. Then, at the end of the night, he leaned in and kissed me. Those blurred lines of intimacy where platonic affection and intense sexual encounters intersect are some of the surefire signs that he's struggling with his feelings for you. His emotions fuel his desire to be close and intimate with you, and at the same time, the confusion in his head would make him want to hold back. This can lead to a hot mess via an intermittent connection; therefore, you need to tread carefully and know where to draw the line.

When someone is conflicted about their feelings for you, you can feel just as confused about yours. Seeing the signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you is definitely encouraging and can put your mind at ease. In the end, all that matters is whether you can get past this phase of uncertainty and make a decision one way or another. We hope he decides you're worth fighting for. Because you're.

common questions

1. What to do when a guy is fighting his feelings for you?

Here's a trick you can try: keep your Tinder life active and go on a few dates. The green-eyed monster will blow his mind when he sees you with another potential partner. And he would be quick to admit his feelings before someone pissed you off.

2. How do I get him to confess his feelings to me?

You can try to create a comfort space for him so that he can easily approach you with his thoughts and feelings. Once she starts to get vulnerable around you and realizes how empathetic you are, she might come up with those three magic words and a bouquet of roses.

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