12 sure signs he's fighting his feelings for you (2023)

12 sure signs he's fighting his feelings for you (1)

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So... there's a guy you're pretty sure likes you but he never acted on it or took a chance and moved on with you.

Why not?!

Perhaps he is struggling with his feelings for you. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you suppress your emotions for one reason or another.

But how do you know if this is the case?

If you think he's struggling with his feelings for you but you're not sure, we've put together a list of signs to look out for.

12 Signs He's Fighting His Feelings For You

1. He gets nervous around you.

If the man in question is charming and confident with everyone but you, then something else is at play.

We all do it sometimes: we feel naughty and funny until our crush comes out and we're instantly embarrassed and uncomfortable. If he does the same, it could be because he's confused about his feelings for you and a little uncomfortable about it.

Maybe he feels like he needs to be more reserved around you, or he suddenly feels shy around you.

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When we like someone, we want them to accept and love us, which makes us more aware of our behavior. This awareness can often cause us to switch off a bit and try to be on our "best behavior", which means being level-headed and calm.

2. Avoid eye contact with you.

It's one thing for him to behave differently around you, but is he directly avoiding looking you in the eye? A Dead Gift!

When we like someone, we want to look at them, look at each other, flirt a little and show that we like them.

When we like someone but tryto hidehow we feel, we avoid looking at them for fear that they might tell us what we are thinking.

Eye contact might not seem like much, but it can feel very intimate, especially when we like the person we're looking at. Our eyes reveal a lot, from our emotions to our desires, and we don't always want people to know what those things really are.

This guy might not be willing to let you know what he thinks of you, or he might be trying to deny his feelings for you for a variety of reasons!

Either way, if you do all you canNOGetting his attention is a pretty clear sign that he's interested in you and doesn't want you to know.

3. He flirts but doesn't.

On the other end of the spectrum, some guys will go all out and really flirt when they like you but then don't follow through.

If he compliments you and makes excuses to be around you, chances are he's into you.

The sign that he's in denial about his feelings? Nothing ever happens!

He might be telling you how beautiful you look, hanging out with you on purpose, and just generally being charming around you, but he still hasn't asked you out or asked for your number.

If you're halfway there, it's because you're holding back. It could be because he's not sure how he feels about you or because he doesn't know how to go about it.Ofto feel.

Either way, it's a sign that you're resisting your true feelings; If he was honest with himself about how he feels, he would have asked you out a long time ago!

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4. He always shows off for you.

You can tell he's constantly trying to impress you, whether it's showing off unusual skills, talking about interesting things he does, or showing off his most charming personality whenever you're around.

This is a sign that he might be struggling with his feelings for you: he's not ready to let his feelings down and ask you out, but he wants you to like him the way he wants you to.

He wants you to see how interesting, funny, and popular he is, or how well the two of you would make a good match.

This could be his way of testing the waters to see how you react and whether you're likely to say yes, or it could be his way of flirting with you and enjoying your company without putting in much of the effort and commitment you have to give, or run. ! Danger of being rejected!

5. Show that you care about the little things.

If the man in question always remembers little details about you or goes out of his way to surprise you with cute things, chances are he likes you.

He might not do it on purpose, but he can't help it! He avoids big gestures and deep conversations because he doesn't want it to be obvious that he likes you, but he can't help but show attention and affection from time to time.

He tries to hide his true feelings for you, but fails every now and then when he's remembering a story you told him months ago or worrying about bringing his coffee to work.

6. Find an excuse to talk to you.

If a guy likes you, it would be obvious and he would put in the effort, right? Error! Sometimes guys are in denial about how they feel about you or don't want you to know how they feel so they have to find excuses to be around you.

You may find that they are spending more time in their office than necessary, or that the route back home has been changed slightly so that they can spend more time talking to you on the way back.

Maybe they have a problem that only you seem to be able to solve, or maybe you're the only person who can answer a very specific question.

When he's not sure how he feels about you, he'll find excuses to get to know you better and engage in conversations that will get you talking to each other.

That way, you can "safely" figure out how the two of you get along, instead of just asking him out and worrying about being rejected or hurt.

7. Likes to walk a lot.

Maybe your friend who lives nearby always cancels at the last minute, so you ask if you want to stay over "just because you're nearby."

(Video) 15 Signs He is Fighting His Feelings for You

It can always seem free if you are looking for people to go out with.

Anyway, he seems to be available all the time to spend time with you. He hasn't asked you out or shown you that he likes you, but it seems like you spend a lot of time alone with him.

It shows that he likes you but is trying to fight it! Instead of asking him out, he might "accidentally" hang out with you and get to know you that way.

It takes some of the pressure off of you and you don't risk getting rejected just for asking yourself out!

8. It's all over your social media.

Most of us check our crush online: we religiously look at their Instagram stories, check their relationship status on Facebook, and click on girl tags in their pictures.

Well, there's a good chance the boys will bring that back to us! If he's online whenever you are, or likes your pictures, responds to your stories, and is all over your online profiles, he's interested in you, but he's trying to hide how he really feels about you.

He's not ready to honestly tell you how much he likes you, so he hides behind his Instagram profile and interacts with you that way.

9. Talk about being single.

It can be annoying when you know a guy likes you but he still hasn't changed: is he in denial about his feelings or is he waiting for the perfect moment to ask you out?

Who knows, but it can be frustrating and confusing.

You can tell he goes to the extent of making sure you know he's single. He might not talk about other girls in front of you or yell at people not to meet anyone when he knows you are around and maybe listening.

You can even squash dating rumors or let everyone know that the girl in your photos is your sister or cousin.

Either way, if he's not asking you out but wants you to know he's available, he likes you but is keeping his feelings a secret.

10. He's acting a little "out of character".

When he's everywhere, and he'shot and cold blow, he is probably confused by his feelings for you and doesn't know what to do.

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Maybe he flirts for a minute and then avoids you for a few days, or he can't stop looking at you and suddenly stops looking into your eyes.

When he's not sure how he feels about you, he'll try to fight his feelings or try to understand them, and that throws him off his game. It can be really hard when you like someone but you don't know what to do, so that person might be acting really weird.

11. Ask hypothetical questions.

I could start by asking if you're single or not, just to gauge the mood. So it could turn into a "joke" about what would happen if they got together, or what it would be like if they got drunk and kissed.

Maybe try to act like a good friend and dive into your dream first date or ideal man.

If he's been snooping around and gathering information, he likes you, but he's just not ready to be honest about his feelings just yet. He wants to know how you feel about his idea or a relationship with him, but is afraid to go out and ask you out on a real date.

This is him assessing the basis of what's between you before committing to being open about his feelings for you.

12. Gets jealous easily.

If he gets upset when you mention other guys but doesn't show that he likes you, he's confused about his feelings and trying to hide them from you!

He might ask a lot of questions if you're talking about a guy you went out with, or he might shut up completely if you mention you're on dating apps.

When we like someone, we don't want to think about them with someone else. we get jealous and sometimesterritorial, even if we still haven't revealed how much we like the person.

That's probably what he's doing, so take this as a sign that he's struggling with his feelings for you and isn't quite ready to share them yet.


Emotions are very confusing for many reasons, and sometimes we have a hard time dealing with them honestly.

It can be very difficult to hide how much we care about someone, and there are often few clues to our feelings, no matter how much we deny them or try to repress them.

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I hope this list helps you decipher the man in your life who is confusing you and I hope he steps up and asks you out soon...or you can take the initiative and ask him out!

Still not sure what to do with this guy? Chat online with a Relationship Hero relationship expert who can help you work things out. SimplyClick here to chat.

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